Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Before and after of the "hooch" lol

( picture taken at Goodwill before purchased 24.99 )

Some white and blue-green paint.....

 a crystal knob.... and its gorgeous!

They are so cute!
My brother and sister a several years ago I just love this picture of them my mom took.

For the first few months I had my corner hutch it was empty because the inside was such a long skinny shape I had nothing to fit inside, then i found this awesome vase at goodwill, fits perfect, I love it!

(picture taken in my dining room)

The "hooch" thing is a funny you had to be there kinda thing. At goodwill instead of saying on the tag a "hutch" which I'm assuming it was suppose to say, they wrote a "hooch" witch me my mom and sister who were with me when I bought it, we thought was hilarious now we always call it the hooch! ha ha



  1. I love it. Makes me want to go to the thrift store right now!!

  2. GREAT redo!


  3. great find, love the white! thanks for linking up with VIF!

  4. Love your cute little "hooch." You did a great job.