Friday, March 25, 2011

Mirror makeover to display my favorite crystal chandelier

The Before Picture 
I purchased this mirror at HomeGoods for 99.99, I did not love the color of this one compared to some of the other mirrors but,  I loved how big it was, it is over 6 feet tall! I knew I could easily paint it to the color i wanted, white of courses my favorite color (yes I know white is not technically a color but it's still my favorite lol )

It was interesting to get home, Lol. I borrowed my mothers car (pt cruiser)  because there is no way it would have fit in my car! You truly would be amazed what you can fit in a pt cruiser because the back opens like a van its great.

I did forget to take a picture of the painting process, but what I did was taped off the entire mirror part with painters tape, and news paper, I first spray primed it, then spray painted it, amazingly enough I did do this in my living room, it was the middle of winter to cold to spray outside I covered everything with those big plastic covers for painting there great!
After Picture

Lights Off
I love how the big mirror makes my small bedroom feel so much more spacious!

I also love how beautiful the mirror makes my crystal chandelier look it reflects the light so nicely
I absolutely love this chandelier i bought it on a site I love 
Its awesome because it is a plug in regular socket fixture, perfect for a renter and easy to move to any room in the house, anytime. its 145.00 which I think is an amazing deal! The crystals are plastic but they do not look it!
The site also sometimes has free shipping!

I also bought these mirror like stickers at  HomeGoods (7.99) they were perfect to fill the space between the top of the mirror and ceiling.
I love this little angel, sitting in front of the mirror, under the chandelier, I bought it at goodwill for 3.99 somebody had colored it with what had looked like purple crayon, i repainted it, and now its adorable.


  1. I love the mirror and the chandelier your room looks so sweet. Love the little angel you have in front of the miror also
    Suzann ~xoxo~

  2. perfect! you did an amazing job....I adore the "live, laugh, love" mirrors adds a magical touch

  3. i'm totally blog stalking you right now...i found you about a month ago on a link party and i came back yesterday when i saw you post on another link party...i am wanting to paint everything in my house white now...there is not one thing that i have looked at that i don't does make me a bit nervous that i have 4 kids and a cat and dog, if i did everything light have great taste!! i'm following you now and i cant wait to see you post some new things!!