Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My New faucet!

My new faucet on my kitchen sink. I love it! It has different water pressure settings & it  is a "handle pull-down". Bought it at Lowe's for 114.00

My old one had a leak, plus it was ugly!


  1. It looks much better compared to your old faucet. It is quite a good investment, too, for $114 dollars. But why don't you replace your sink as well? A stainless steel sink would look good with your brand new faucet. Just make sure that the pipes of your new faucet are sealed properly with a rubber gasket to avoid water spills, okay?

  2. $114 is quite pricey for a faucet. I hope that one lasts for decades, Janae. It looks better than your old one, though. :) I'm sorry about what happened to it. Have you tried fixing it yourself, or have you at least tried calling a plumber?

    Earlene Mroz

  3. A leaking faucet is an inconvenience -- period. It was a good idea that you immediately had it replaced. Hmm. Maybe you can either clean your sink or you can also have it replaced. What do you think?

    -Althea Tumlin