Friday, September 23, 2011


Tonight I went over to my Dad's house to have a little get together for my birthday with them (My Dad, Step Mom & my sisters Tiffany & Shakayla) I had a great time

I wanted to share a photo of these flowers they got for me, aren't they gorgeous? I just love the vase too (the picture doesn't do it justice, Its even prettier in person) My Dad picked it out & he did very well white roses & The vase is the blue color I love, and its shinny! They also got me this adorable little doggie leash hook that I'm sure I'll be posting soon cuz its super cute, & also a gift card for this really neat sounding fancy movie theater called  Cinetopia that I'm excited to go to! I'm one lucky girl.

goodnight all.


  1. Ciao cara che meraviglia queste rose bianche!!
    Qust'anno al mio compleanno ho ricevuto 2 vasi di rose bianche!! :)
    Buon weekend
    Kiss Kiss