Thursday, September 8, 2011

Update On Bella's Bedroom

Bella's Bedroom is coming along. I am no where near done yet but I thought I'd give a little update on how cute its looking....

Bella's Princess Cupcake themed bedroom

For the first time visitors to my blog,
 Yes Bella is a puppy who has her own bedroom!

The Princess sign hanging on the door to Bella's room

Bella has alot of pillows (I LOVE PILLOWS) but there is just enough room for her.

Bella in her castle

I plan to paint her room white & pink very soon.

 Still looking for the perfect curtains for her room.

Bella even has her own toy box for all her puppy toys

This toy box has sure been around for a while. The baby sitting in the same toy box is me!

This little cupcake dog toy I found for her at target is perfect for her room theme, and she loves playing with it

Bella with her biological mother.

Bella & I
still looking for some more tiny pics for this cute frame

Princess  steps to a princess bed
Sleepy Bella


  1. Janae'...this is absolutely adorable!! Little Bella must know how much she is loved. I'm proud of you and glad you are having so much fun decorating.

  2. Hi Janae,

    You did a beautiful job decorating Bella's room, it's so adorable! Cute pets!

  3. Bella's bedroom is just too cute! I'm proud of what a good job you are doing.

  4. That is one lucky dog! I grew up next to a Pomeranian and it looks just like Bella! Beautiful room!

  5. What an adorable room! Bella is a lucky pup!

    My dog Blitzkrieg is a Pekingese.

  6. and my husband thought my puppy was spoiled :) Her room is gorgeous!