Saturday, October 29, 2011

Happy Birthday / Costume Contest.

Happy Birthday Gage & Wyatt! Today my twin brothers turned 12!

Grandma & Grandpa came over to my parents house today too to celebrate the boys birthday with them. So they got to meet Lacie today (the girls always go everywhere with me). Bella & Lacie were in their Halloween costumes here because after the party, Chantel (my sister) and I headed to Petco for the Halloween pet costume contest.

 Bella was a Princess

 Lacie was a fairy (she has wings on her back)

  Awwe I love them

Chantel also entered their dog Daisy.

 Daisy was a pumpkin.

Here below is some of the competition.

 Unfortunately Bella, Lacie & Daisy did not win =[ but its okay we still had fun!
.Here's the Dogs who won first place. They were Little bow peep & her sheep! so cute!

After the contest Daisy came over to our house for a little while to play!


  1. All 3 dogs look so cute in their Halloween costumes. Glad you had fun. This is a delightful post.

  2. The doggies look so cute in their Halloween costumes:) I am a sucker for dressing up my dog for Halloween, too! They have to love it, right?