Thursday, November 24, 2011


My mother hosted a beautiful Thanksgiving at her house this year.....

Her gorgeous table setting

Bella was thinking she needed her own seat at the table. lol

 My Mother & Future Aunt Eileen Made tons of delicious food!

Dad Brown Smoked a yummy Turkey.

I was in charge of the deviled eggs!

Of course My mothers 3 dogs were there and of course I brought Bella & Lacie & my Uncle Scott also Brought his dog Brooklyn. Me being the dog lover I am wanted to line them all up for a photo. How cute!

It was a wonderful day!

Shortly after dinner Chantel & I headed out for the Black Friday deals at Walmart
Needless to say it was crazy!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving...I sure did.

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  1. The leftovers have been yummy too--and the way Wyatt and Gage have been gobbling them up they might not last too much longer! A day to remember.