Friday, December 16, 2011

12 Blogs Of Christmas

Today I was featured on the 12 blogs of Christmas hosted by a blog I follow Designer Garden. I feel so delighted I was choose to participate! Make sure you visit her blog too check out the other 12 blogs and the great thing she post of her own as well! Check out my Mothers post too she was also featured, back on the 14th!

Here is my post I made for Designer Garden .......
(some of these pics have been seen on my blog before because this is the post I made special to be displayed on Designer Garden's blog)

 My home is all decorated for the Holidays... Oh how I love Christmas decorating. It is the one holiday where decorating in white is very normal, which I love since white is my favorite color! Yes, I know white is technically not a color, but it's still my favorite!

 I love to sit here and enjoy the fire.

 I call this "the forest". I just love all the different types of Christmas trees along my mantle. I have enjoyed collecting them very much.

I just adore my stockings. Still can't believe I found them at Dollar Tree!

The stairs are all decked out!

 My entry table was the first thing to be decorated, it was decorated for Christmas just a few days after Halloween.

Happy Holidays!

So fun to decorate an entry. Isn't my giant acorn ornament lovely? It's one of my favorites.

 Here's a few more of my favorites...

 My Tree 2011

My Babies in their Christmas outfits.
Lacie, Little Bunny Fufu & Bella.


  1. Nice to see so much of your Christmas decorating in one post--love it!

  2. Everything looks absolutely beautifully decorated. Love what you have shared. Your decorations are unique and them!! Thank you for sharing. I have joined your followers list and would love to have you join me as well. Merry Christmas!
    Hugs, Gayle

  3. Oh my God! I love your pups, are adorables, very very cute!

  4. Your home is almost "fairy-tale like" it is so beautiful. Great creative job decorating!

  5. Your home looks just magical!!! How lovely :)