Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A few of my favorite things....

I wanted to share some of the wonderful gifts my amazing family got me this year!

My boyfriend got me this dresser, I did help pick it, can't you tell- hehe...
I loooooooove it!!!!

This is from my Mother not only did she paint the mirror white, she glittered it!! Which makes it soooo me!

My Dad, Step mom and sister Tiffany & Shakayla got me this gorgeous Coach purse, Lucky me!
They also got me a gift card to my most favorite store Homegoods! Can't wait to go shopping!

Bella & Lacie can't wait to take a bath with their Juicy Couture dog shampoo & conditioner they got from my parents.

My sister Chantel got me these adorable candle cups.

My Mother got me this vase. It's a really funny story because I got her the exact same one for Christmas too. We have such similar taste.

This vase is also from my Mother.

 This Beautiful bowl is from my Grandparents Hansen

 Shabby Chic decor address book from my Mother. I wish you could see all the pages it's amazing.

 This is my "Secret Santa" gift from a coworker. I love it, how thoughtful, everybody knows how much I love my pets! lol

 This is so pretty, it is from my Mother again. I am trying to find the perfect place to put it.

 My Mother got me another tree for my "forest"

 My 'forest' is growing.

My super talented mother made me this adorable pet bag with one of my favorite photo's of my babies on the front.

 My Grandma Carolee got me this cute puppy themed Calendar. I have it turned to July for the picture because this month is of course my favorite, because it's a Pomeranian.

I got these cute ornaments from my Uncle Shane and Aunt Stacey.
Bling watch ring from Grandparents Snyder.

 I got Bella & Lacie this little sofa for Christmas.

My girls on Christmas ready to open their stockings.

 Santa Claus spoiled them!

The day after Christmas I hit up the half off sales!!.....

 I was so excited when I found all the letter's I wanted for half price!
One for each of our first letters of our names,
my boyfriends, mine & our 4 pets. 

Family photo's from Christmas......

 Fufu enjoyed seeing his best friend Big John on Christmas day.

My girls with my parents
What a lovely Holiday it was...

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  1. Wow, you sure got some lovely loot! I can tell that your family really know you. It looks like you have a wonderful time!