Saturday, January 28, 2012

Ruffled Lamps!

I got two of these adorable ruffled lamps at Marshall's last weekend on Clearance for 22 dollars each.

The lamps are now on both my nightstands.

 Bella & Lacie approve of the new lamps.

I just love how romantic the ruffles are.

I didn't get new lamps because I didn't like my old ones I just really liked the new ones and knew they wold be perfect in my bedroom. So I found new places to put the ones that were previously in my bedroom. I put  one here on my desk.

And the other on my Old fashion radio cabinet.  

The lamp perfect in this room because I am always needing more light in this room.

 Now I just can't wait for my ruffled bed skirt I ordered to come!


  1. I love those lamps--I'm so glad we found them, and that you got them. Such a cute style--I may try to copy them with a lampshade I have.

  2. They're adorable, and look perfect in your bedroom :) Love the Vintage Radio cabinet!!

  3. The new lamps are so adorable and perfect for your room! Love it! I can't wait to see what ruffled bed skirt you ordered.


  4. Hi Janae, Your lamps are sweet as ever and they look great in your room. I always enjoy seeing what you'll be doing next. You do a great job creating a lovely home for yourself. Your doggies look like cute little stuff animals in your bed..... so adorable.

    Enjoy your Day~

  5. Hi Sweetie!
    Everything is just do darn gorgeous! Your new lamps are so lovely. Marshalls, TJ Maxx... all those stores are so great!

    What always makes me smile are you little cuties. They just make my heart sing and I love how they let you pose them. So cute!

    Thanks for sharing all the pretty pictures.

    Holly & Phoebe

  6. They're adorable! And so is your bedroom. I just ordered a ruffled bed skirt too....Great minds... *winks* Vanna

  7. Your bedroom is DARLING!!! I LOVE it so much!!! I am excited to be your newest follower and bloggy friend!!! I'd love to have you share the love back when you visit next!!! Hope you have a GREAT rest of the week and I'll be back soon for inspiration!!!

    XO, Aimee

    PS I have a Ramsign giveaway going on through tomorrow if you want to stop by and enter. The link is on my right sidebar!!!

  8. Hi Janae,

    Wow, what a beautiful & romantic bedroom!!! Absolutely lovely!!! :) Take care and have a fabulous rest of the week!