Sunday, March 4, 2012

Puppy Paradise

This is my two dogs Bella & Lacie's bedroom.....

I have not shared Bella & Lacie's bedroom on my blog in a while, so that is just what I am going to do today.  Just wanted show you all how cute their room is getting the more and more I decorate it and change stuff around.

 I found this pink rug at Goodwill about 2 months ago for 7.99. It is very cute and the perfect color for Bella & Lacie's room. Plus it is very practical being Bella & Lacie are puppies who still sometimes have "accidents" this way it can be easily cleaned in the washing machine.

I got the hot pink Pomeranian St sign on eBay a few weeks ago, that is hanging above the closet door. It is just too cute and perfect being Bella & Lacie are both Pomeranian's.

The other day I decided this was a better place for this photo, then in my hallway where it was hung before.

Then last night I found these cute little hooks with pictures of poodles on them, how perfect for a dog room! Plus I love having hooks in the dogs bedroom to hang my favorites of their outfits on.

I got these 3 little cupcake rugs at Target for only 2.50 each! Perfect for this room since its cupcake themed!

Bella & Lacie's bedroom is the smallest of my 4 bedrooms but it does have the most unique shape, the other bedrooms are just square. Lacie is peeking out from the puppy castle Lol.

My little Lacie

I decided to add a little chair in the room for me to sit and watch them play. This is the chair that I used to have placed in the small sitting room downstairs. But since I added the bar chairs and the temporary table I showed last week, there was not much room for it anymore. I gave it a new look by placing this cute quilt over it. My little sister Chantel dressed the stuff dog last time she came over in Lacie's Halloween costume ( a unicorn) I thought it was cute so I left it in it.

Lacie & Bella like it.

 Not as much as they love their comfy bed though.

Although they never sleep in it at night, they always sleep with me in my bed.

You may wonder how I get my dogs to pose so well for photo's well here is my secret! Only Bella & Lacie know them as "Cookies" not treats.

 The toy box is not just for looks, they are spoiled puppies and have a lot of dog toys!

Some dogs are not really into toys, but that is not the case at all with them. They seriously play with every one of their toys and get them all out and make a huge mess just like children lol.

I was so excited when I found this at Goodwill a few weeks ago, Because I had seen it Target for 30 dollars! I wanted it when I saw it at Target but 30 dollars was just way too much.

Little bath robes.

Bella likes to look out her window to check out what the neighbors are all doing. Then she generally she likes to bark at them.

Some people might think I am a bit crazy for spoiling my dogs so much. But I really don't care I love them, and I enjoy spoiling them and decorating an adorable room for them. It makes me happy so it should not matter what anyone else says!

Hope you enjoyed our puppy room! See you later!


  1. They certainly are spoiled..but they bring you so much love and entertainment that's all that matters to me. Their room is adorable!

  2. Awwwwwwwwwww your babies have the best life! And I thought I spoiled Phoebe! Can she come over and play? haha Ooh wow I am just loving all the sweet pictures and how you've decorated everything. I saw those cupcake rugs at Target too. You made them look so cute as a trio. Just love everything. Kisses to you babies from me and Phoebe.

  3. You did a fabulous job decorating your puppies room. Your puppies are adorable. I have two chihuahua's and they are spoiled too. I love the pink walls and the cupcakes are very cute. I can tell they love there new room. It is definitely a puppy paradise!


  4. Oh my they are two lucky puppies
    x jeanetteann

  5. Super sweet! They deserve it :)

  6. Amazing! Never seen a puppy room before! And so cute, even my daughter would have loved it! LOL! Do they like staying in the room?

  7. I love how much you cherish your puppies. Their bedroom is adorable!

  8. HI, I'm new here; came over from My Romantic Home. Your puppy bedroom is about the cutest thing I've ever seen. Thank you for being such a good doggy mommy.

  9. Very sweet! Way to be independant.

  10. Very cute! I would like to invite you to enter my Giveaway. I am celebrating my blog's third birthday and would love to see you there.

  11. I think spoiling your pet is!

    I love my little Yorkie, Mia. I do not have a room I can devote to her at this time, but the toy box idea is perfect. I have about 3 huge baskets with all her stuff in it right now.

  12. I found your blog from your Mother's where I learned how to make homemade chalk paint! I love your house and all the decorating you have done. I have 2 Shitzu and they are spoiled too!! But I can't seem to take near as good of pictures like you, I will have to try the treats & see if that works better,never tried that before. I just love all of your pictures. You are very talented just like your Mom!

  13. Where did you buy lacie castle bed?

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