Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Giveaway Winner & Happy Birthdays!

Today I am announcing the winner for my scrapbook software Giveaway!
 I wanted to be a bit creative with the way the giveaway winner was chosen, & all my blog readers know my pets are my babies, so I decided to let Bella choose the winner of the giveaway
(I tied everyone's name who entered  to dog treats!)

( Watch the video or scroll down to see the winner)

And the winner is...........




Chelsie Swanson!

Thanks to everyone who entered. I had a lot of fun making the scrapbook pages as examples for my Giveaway and will continue using this software & I hope Chelsie will enjoy it too.

Oh Another note...

Happy Birthday Rachel!!!
Today is my friend Rachel's 22nd birthday!

This picture is of Rachel & I a few weeks ago, playing around with my angel wings!

Today is also Bella & Lacie's boyfriends birthday LOL
Happy Birthday Boots!
Boots is my other friend Brittany's chihuahua he is one year old today!

This is the picture we took to picture message to Brittany (Boot's mom) at midnight hehe. Don't worry she's a night owl like me!

I used the scrapbook software to make this for our pic.

( I took this picture off facebook of both the birthday girl & dog cute!!)


  1. Congrats to your giveaway winner--I think Bella did a good job in picking the winner:)

    Also, Happy Birthday to Rachel and Boots! Boots usually barks at me--but Rachel is always so fun to be with. She always makes me laugh. You have great friends! The angel picture is cute..but I don't think you're fooling anyone LOL. Just kidding--you both are angels.

  2. That was just too cute! Loved the video and congrats to Chelsie!~Hugs, Patti

  3. Yay! I am so excited! What a fun way to announce the winner :)