Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter Photo Shoot

Happy Easter!!!
Love, Bella, Little Bunny Fu-Fu, & Lacie.

My Three Easter Bunnies!!!
(Only two costumes required lol)


Who does not like to be dressed, but she was a good sport about wearing the bunny suit for some pictures. I originally ordered the bunny outfit for Lacie who does not mind being dressed. I ordered a small but it was really big it is almost too big for Bella and shes bigger than Lacie.

 Little Bunny Fu-Fu
Who does not need a bunny suit since he is a bunny! Lol. People will comment on my blog sometimes and say my three dogs are so cute lol, but I only have two dogs Fu-Fu is a bunny rabbit! You'd be amazed, but Fu-Fu is the easiest of the three to take pictures of.

Who is such a sweetie pie. I am so glad she lets me dress her up all cute. This Easter basket goes perfect with her new little lace outfit.

 My digital scrapbook page.
I am doing a giveaway for this software I made this page with.
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Hope everyone has a Happy Easter weekend!!!


  1. This is the cutest Easter post ever! My goodness my grand-pets are adorable! I love the first picture of Bunny FuFu. I LOVE that page you did for Easter. That scrapbooking software does seem really neat and fun. You made that really quickly too. Dad even says these pictures are adorable. You should be a pet photographer.

  2. Janae, your pets are incredible to be so cooperative with your photo shoots. And, the little poodles especially seem to crave getting their pictures taken! Happy Easter!

  3. Janae,it's always such sheer pleasure to come by and see your sweetest little treasures. I could just bring them home to me they are so gorgeous. The way you look after them and dress them is a credit to you. Lovely pics.
    Happy Easter. xxx

  4. Your three babies are absolutely gorgeous!! Love your pic of Fu Fu in the basket, the perfect Easter picture!


    Lauren xx

  5. How adorable are your sweet little babies :) Cute photos :) Happy Easter to you ♥

  6. Oh Janae', except for photos of you, I have never seen anything so adorable!! These are so cute, they should be in a magazine. I agree with your Mother, you should be a pet photographer.

  7. Oh my goodness! This is THE cutest posting for pets! Your subjects are true models too. Adorable!

  8. What amazing photos of your pets! So cute!! These are magazine worthy for sure. :-)

  9. Oh Gee I am in Love such an adorable trio!!