Monday, April 9, 2012

Painting Easter Eggs

We painted Easter eggs both this Sunday (Easter Sunday) and Last Sunday.

Last Sunday I painted eggs at my parents house with my brothers and sister, as well as my moms best friend, and her son.

Lacie always wants to be sitting in my lap.

I made my 3 babies each an egg with there names on it.

Of course Bella is licking hers, she is so obsessed with food.

These are all our eggs from last Sunday's decorating.

Then yesterday on Easter Sunday I went with my parents & brothers and sister to my Grandparents house to paint eggs.

 My mom with my girls.

I love how the dye my grandparents had turned the eggs such a light pretty pastel, (in my next post I am going to show more of the eggs I made this day)

On another note.....

Here is Bella & Lacie with their Easter basket yes they are very spoiled!

These pink frosted bunnies are made just for dogs, I got Bella & Lacie each one.

They got a big doggie toy bunny too.

I think they liked there Easter treats!

Hope everyone had a great Holiday weekend!!

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  1. Those bunny cookies are so cute. Your girls certainly are spoiled! Easter egg decorating was fun:)