Saturday, May 26, 2012

Baby Lulu

This is my new sweet little girl Lulu.
If you are a follower of my Mother's blog you have probably heard about these sweet little babies.
Well long story short ( well as short as I can make it)
My Sister Tiffany (who lives with my Father) cat had kittens. My step mom had posted pictures on facebook of the kittens. My Mother had been thinking about getting another cat sometime soon since there's are both very old. My mother contacted my step mom about getting one of the kittens when they were old enough. Of course my step mom agreed, since she would be looking for homes for all the kittens except one, they are planning to keep. I wanted one of the kittens of course but they were keeping them outside, which I did not really agree with, so I didn't want to get attached to one then have them end up not making it from being outside. Plus I had just put down a deposit on Billie several days before they were born. Tragically when the kittens were 2 weeks old, Mama kitty went missing, since they keep her outside and they live kind of in the country, I don't want to even imagined what happened to that poor cat =[. My Mother came to the rescue and is bottle feeding these little babies every 2 hours, and now that they are in a warm house. I am very confident they are all going to make it, my Mother is a saint there is no way they would make it without her. Now that I am seeing them all the time since I am regularly at my Mothers house. I can't help myself, I want one! I am keeping the little black female with white feet & tummy, I am naming her Lulu. My Sisters Tiffany & Shakayla are keeping the orange and white male they named him butterball. My Mother, Step dad and my other siblings are keep two. (I have 2 siblings who live with my dad, 3 who live with my mom, all half siblings) They are keeping the all orange female they named her Phoebe, & the Male with the most white on his face, his name is Fez. My sister Chantels friend may be adopting the last little black and white male.
I have been going over to visit Lulu and helping bottle feeding a bit.
Tonight was the first night that my other babies all came over with me to meet there new little sister. Bella was very interested in the bottle feeding, I think she wanted to try it out to Lol.

I love them all so much!!!

Billie did not get to be the baby of the family for very long.

But I think he will be very happy to have a playmate.
My youngest & my oldest.

All my babies together<3
They make me smile so much!


  1. This is such an adorable post Janae! I love all these pictures. I really like the sepia effect you did on the one of you and all your babies. All you kids have been so much help in caring for these babies. They are so precious..what choice did we have than to care for them?!

  2. It is so amazing how you can get all of your "babies" to pose for photos at the same time...they are so cute. I love the photo where Lulu and bunny are kissing.

  3. I love that photo of you and your babies with the sepia effect!

  4. Congrats on your newest addition. You are going to need to add an extra room if you keep!
    Your babies are always lovely. I hope Billie and Lulu get along. I wish you and yours much happiness and Love!

  5. Your mom is a saint. Lots of work every two hours. Little Billie is so cute the bath photos are precious I love the one of him hanging on! Good luck with little Lulu-- make sure the kittens are tested for Feline leukemia since mom was outside.Nothing in life quite so nice as a kitten.

  6. I'm glad that little animals have a special place in your heart and I believe that you take after your sweet Mama.
    The little one is a real cutie and seems to fit right in with the family.


  7. They are alllll so adorable, I am just amazed at how you get them all together to sit for a picture. I love rescue stories


  8. Janae,you are an angel in disguise,as is your mum. I love coming over here to see your family of fur babies as I can't have any myself. Love them so much too.

  9. OMG, your babies are so so so cute, I wish I could see them in person. I love billie the most. (smile)

    Julie x

  10. Janae, your beautiful family is growing....Little Lulu is another adorable addition and Billie looked so tiny but not anymore compared to Lulu.
    I still say they are all toys as I am amazed they all stay quietly together for so long.....I do rescues and have trouble keeping one still long enough to take a picture.
    God bless your mom for taking in the baby kitties.

  11. Hi Janae all your babies make me smile too LuLu is so cute and Billie is getting so big and it just amazes me every single time how u get such great pics of the whole furry clan.

  12. I found Lolita wine, drinking glasses and coffee cups at Tuesday morning....$4.99 each!! Who knew? just never know