Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I am a crazy cat lady

I was keeping one kitten, then I was keeping two, now I am keeping a third. I named him Levi. All this just after I just got my Persian Billie. As you may have read in my previous post. My mother rescued these kittens when their mommy kitty died. She bottle feed them and took great care of them. The entire family became really attached. There is 5 kittens total. She kept two, then eventually I made it one at a time to keep all 3 of the remaining kittens. We had found several homes for this last little guy that all didn't work out, and it was so stressful, because we all didn't want to never see him again, so I solved that problem! My Brother & Sister were relieved, now they can see all the kittens very often. My boyfriend Sidney is also very excited he loves cats, he was begging to keep this last one.

All 7 of My Children
When I took these photo's on Saturday, I took some pictures of my babies &  two my for sure keeping kitten plus Levi, at the time I had it in my mind of possibly keeping him but I was not sure yet if the one home was going to take him, but since it was a possibility I took some photo's of all my babies plus the third kitten Levi, in case we did keep him. Then today the home we had planned told me they didn't think they were going to take him, & I made up my mind he's coming to live with us!

All the Kittens<3
Just my three kittens.
Levi, Louie & Lulu
(6 weeks old)

Lacie loves the kittens.

The dogs have been super nice and gentle with the kittens, the one I have to watch is little Persian Billie (who 8 weeks old than the babies), he is enjoying that he is bigger than someone for once, I never knew that he could be such a bully! It will be a while before the kittens are big enough that I can trust them all alone together,




I know some may consider me a crazy cat lady.
But hey I am quite alright with that!


  1. You were destined to become a crazy cat lady--it is in your blood. I am so happy all these babies are in the family! They are all so precious to me.

  2. I think you are a kind and gentle soul that loves the warmth and love that our fur babies give to us.
    They are all so adorable and I would want to keep them too.


  3. You just have a lot of love to give! How could you not keep them...they are all just so darling!~Hugs, Patti

  4. Uma casa cheia de filhotes é uma casa feliz!

  5. i wouldn't have been able to let them go, either. i have to agree with your mom, you are really good at getting photos with the animals actually looking at you and being cute! i always love to read your blog!

  6. So happy you decided to keep all three - they are going to a wonderful home! Once again I am in awe of your skills with pet photography (love the new photo page), but I finally figured it out - you glue each of them down and then hypnotize them to get them to look directly at you! :) Today I tried repeatedly to take a decent photo of my dog but each one was a disaster. Please tell us your secrets & tips on how you manage to get one bunny, four cats and two dogs to pose for you all at the same time!!!!! AMAZING!!

  7. Aww soo cute what a wonderful family u have created