Thursday, July 5, 2012

Happy 4th of July

I hope everyone had a Happy 4th, I sure did...

Bella & Lacie wore their red white & blue in celebration of the holiday

I wore my red white & blue too!
(It's hard to tell in the pic but my undershirt is dark red.)

Since I had the day off work I got to go on My mother & Grandmothers daily walk with them.

Bella & Lacie love going on walks.

I Spent the whole day at my parents house. I brought my 3 kittens over to have some play time with my parents 2 kittens (their siblings).

I got some cute pictures of all the kittens playing in this cute cat tree.

Billie of course came over too, here he is sitting in my parents front window, silly Billie.

My Mother, Brother Wyatt & Sister Chantel & I went to a local fireworks show in the evening.

It was a great Holiday.

Also I just had to share this picture with you, of all my fur babies I took tonight.
I love them so much

See you later!


  1. I am glad you and your babies had so much fun. Your posts always make me happy.

  2. Another delightful post...the photos are adorable. I enjoyed walking with you.

  3. Kedi ve köpekleriniz çok tatlılar.Elbiseleri iyiki çıkartmıyorlar.Benim köpeğime elbise giydiremiyorum.Hoşcakalın...

  4. Love the sweet photos as usall. ;)