Saturday, August 4, 2012

Hot Summer Day

Today it was a very hot day in Oregon. The temperature reached something like 97 which I know for most of you in other states is not that hot. But here in Oregon were 80 is really hot we are not used too this. Also since I live in Oregon where it is not that hot very often, I do not have air conditioning my house reached 86 inside. Today was a lazy day for my pets & I. Generally Saturday is my big house cleaning day since I work Monday through Friday, but today it was just  too hot I just sat around and cuddled and played with my fur babies all day long, are we of course took some photo's too.

Here is Little Bunny Fufu in the front yard. 
We had some fun with these little kid sunglasses I got at Walmart a 6 pack of 1.98.

Billie chilling in his child sized wicker rocking chair, isn't this chair adorable? I found it at Goodwill it matches my large set of wicker furniture, I have no human children but it is the perfect size for my Fur children

Speaking of my having no "Human" children just had to share this mug I recently got at HomeGoods I love it!

Since we all were so lazy all day the babies ( Bella & Lacie especially) had lots of extra energy saved up. So after it cooled off, and we got the fans in the windows blowing in the cool air, we had a fun time playing with the laser light.

The dog's love the laser or "the red bug" as we call it, so much they hardly give the cats a chance to get it.

Don't worry after we played laser we played cat toy a bit too which Bella & Lacie are not so into.

I love them oh so much.


  1. I am tired just watching those sweet babies playing! Ours are still pretty out of it from the heat. Actually it was 103 degrees today--we broke records. Your summer pictures are so cute! The kittens must have been a little freaked out being outside. Wyatt and I watched like 4 episodes of "My cat from hell"--it is actually really good! It explains cat behavior and how to deal with naughty cats. Of course ours are angels :)

  2. Your babies aree very lovely. In Italy is very hot too!

  3. Those photos with your babies wearing sun glasses is so cute! Playing with them,like you do, gives them good exercise. Early in the morning I open windows and enjoy the cool breeze coming in before it gets hot.

  4. What a wonderful family you have! 97 degrees is definitely very hot in Oregon. I used to live there and remember thinking a warm day was upper 60s. Now my family makes fun of me when I visit and wear long pants and a jacket while they wear shorts and Ts. It's been in the high 90s and over 100 degrees here in Kansas for over a month now.

    My dogs love the laser light too! So cute!!!

  5. Both of the videos are just too cute! I love how they all play together so well!~Hugs, Patti

  6. I am so glad to see you provide UV protection for your babies' eyes. Your poochies have got to be the fastest little things I have ever seen. I love lazy days.

  7. Os seus bebês são muito lindos. E como os gatinhos cresceram.

  8. adorabley sweet.