Saturday, September 22, 2012

My Shabby Chic Birthday Gifts

I am 23 years old as of this past Thursday the 20th, time is flying!
My talented Mother always makes me the most amazing gifts. I thought I would share them with you today.

She made me this gorgeous dream catcher, pictures do not give it justice it is stunning. 

I hung the dream catcher on my side of the bed. I want all the good dreams to myself lol.

My little Brother Wyatt got me this adorable adorable alarm clock, I love it well of course I do since when I saw it in the store I said, "someone should get me this for my birthday hint hint". But it was a nice surprise, because I had forgot all about it, by the time my birthday came.

This beautiful pumpkin my Mother decorated is so very me. She is going to make a tradition of making me a pumpkin for each birthday, since my birthday is the 20th and the first day of fall in the 22nd, it is perfect timing. Give me a few years & I'll have a whole pumpkin patch, I can't wait.

 Here is last years & this years Birthday pumpkins. The start of my Birthday pumpkin patch.

I  can not decide if I like last years pumpkin better on the left or right. Which way do you like better?

About a week or so ago, I had shared how I had gotten a Simply Shabby Chic British rose Duvet cover at Goodwill. I had mentioned how I really wished I had matching pillows to go with it, but was not sure I'd be able to get them, being the fabric had been discontinued. Well to my surprise guess what I got for my Birthday! My Mother is always so thoughtful.

Now my  guest bed looks just how I wanted. I love how the chandelier above the vanity reflect in the mirror above the bed.

She also made me these gorgeous angel wings. I love them, I am too spoiled.

I just love Angel wings as you can see.

I feel like such a lucky girl to have a Mother so much like me. Who cares so much to make me such wonderful gifts. I love you Mom!

Link to my Mother's Blog


  1. You are so sweet Janae. I love how everything looks in your house. I like the pumpkin arrangement in the first picture the best. I really like the color on this years pumpkin.:) The pillows looks perfect on the bed--so glad I was able to get them before they were all gone! I love the dreamcatcher on your side of the bed--I should make one for Sidney too--though he would want a Dallas Cowboys one or something :) I love those angel wings. I need to start working on some for myself. Maybe I'll do a dreamcatcher and wings for my blog giveaway. Hmmm...

  2. Hi Janae: You really are a lucky girl and your mom is so talented. You two make a good pair. Everything is beautiful..Happy Saturday and Happy Birthday..Judy

  3. Belated Happy Birthday Janae!

  4. Beautiful photos and beutiful blog-I LOVE!!!
    Have a nice day! Vicky

  5. So happy that your birthday was special and love the decorated pumpkin tradition.

  6. Dear Janae,
    Happy Belated Birthday! I am a Libra too and mine is the 30th.
    You are so fortunate that you and your mother like the same things. It makes it easy to buy each other neat things. LOL You have such a talented mother too. The dream catcher is stunning and each of your gifts are so unique - and even more so since they were made by your loving mother. I love the idea your mother has established her own tradition for giving you a pumpkin for your birthday - these will be priceless to you as your grown older. Your loving Mom makes each of her children so special with all the things she does for them on a daily bases.

  7. Happy Belated Birthday Janae! I actually saw all of your gifts over on yoru Mom's blog the other day. She is such a are so lucky to have such a wonderful Mom! xo

  8. Happy Bday!!!! What great presents you received!!! I love the dream catcher!!!!! Blessings,Sara

  9. You have GORGEOUS bedrooms!

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