Sunday, March 24, 2013

Bentley won cutest puppy!

Today we went to the rose city food park in Portland. They were having a pet celebration/"dog show" not like a show dog show, a dog show of all kinds pure breeds & mixed breeds. They had several different categories. I entered Bentley in the category cutest puppy. He had some tough competition there was several other really cute puppies competing in this category. But my little Bentley won! How exciting!

Bentley & I walking during our part in the show.

Bentley & I kissing right after he won.

Bentley with his trophy it says
" Rose City Food Park"
1st Place
His trophy will look so adorable on a shelf in their bedroom.
They made lots of new friends.

Bentley was very friendly he wanted to meet everyone.

Bella & Lacie of course came to show to support Bentley as well. All my pups wore their "Team Pomeranian" Shirts

I also wore my "Team Pomeranian" shirt too

My babies were very tired on the drive home from the show!

Friday we went on a family dog walk. It was fun even though it rained and the walk did not last long!

Last night was bath night in preparation for going to the rose city food park pet celebration.
Bentley was not so happy about the bath,  Bella just thinks it's embarrassing to take pictures all wet. Lacie was very happy as you can see from that big smile.
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  1. What a fun time it was--and we even got on the news for a second :) --so proud of Bentley for winning cutest puppy!

  2. Delightful post...made me laugh. Congratulations to Bentley!! I love how you love your little pups.

  3. Congratulations to Bentley! You must have been so proud! On the after bath photo, Bella has such an interesting look on her face and Lacie really does look like she's smiling. I think your dogs are born actors!

  4. Congrats to Bentley! He is the cutest for sure and mama is so prud, I don't blame you!! They're all so cute, I adore pets, specially doggies! Happy Sunday.

  5. Way to go Bentley..... I just love the picture he's in on the top with his trophy.... so adorable. The last picture with all of them soaked to to the max is something else... I can't get over all the different expression... what a good shot Janae. You can really bring out their personalities that's for sure.

  6. So cute Janae! Congrats to Bentley - he is really a little darling!

  7. He really is one of the cutest puppies I've ever seen. I love the photo of your kids in the bath!!

  8. Lacie just cracks me up! She is happy no matter what is going on and keeps on smiling.The other two are almost unrecognizable when they are wet. Congrats to Bentley! Thanks for the info on the bed!~Hugs, Patti