Sunday, June 23, 2013

Lacie's 2nd Birthday party

Lacie turned 2 yesterday (June 22nd) and last night we had a party for her.

 Happy Birthday Lacie!
My dogs whom are on a a very healthy raw meat diet, but they get to indulge on lots of treats for Birthdays and have some grains when their normal diet is always grain free. I still try to buy the organic better quality treats though.

Lacie waiting for her guests to arrive.
Some of the pics are not perfect picture quality because I used my Iphone 5 for a lot of the pics rather than my big bulky camera. It does not  to take nearly as good of pictures, but its still does pretty good, and its way easier and handy to use at a dog party.

Lacie had 7 doggie guests at her party
( there were 8 dogs including herself)
The girls have pink birthday hats, the boys have blue.
The human guests attending the party were myself, my sister Chantel, my twin brothers Gage & Wyatt, Jaxon (My uncles girlfriend's son who is 2, my sister was babysitting him, he's so cute!) and my Mother. Lacie's Daddy had to work but he came home at the end of the party while we were watching Beverly Hills Chihuahua's three. Which was a really cute movie!

Sadie, Foxy, Jaxon & Chantel.

Sadie & Foxy are Sidney's  Dad and wife's dogs. We are dog sitting them for a couple weeks right now while they are on vacation. They are really sweet dogs.
Lacie & my Brother Wyatt
My sister Chantel with Lacie.

My brother Gage and Daisy May.

Lacie and her Grandma ( My Mom)

 The birthday girl and I

Lacie's gifts on the table
I love my new little chalk board on a stand, I got it at HomeGoods several weeks ago.

Lacie ready to open gifts!  
The pic one above this pic was taken with my camera this with my phone see the difference?
Lacie with all her Birthday gifts after I helped her unwrapped them all.

I got Lacie that simply shabby chic bed comforter for her bed on clearance for only 23 dollars at Target, it was originally 80. It is twin size which the dogs bed in a Swedish toddler sized bed, so a little smaller than a twin but it should work! The one they have now on their bed, is a twin size also, but its Hot pink and I am more of a pastels kind of girl, so I think this one will look even better in the doggie bedroom.
 Lacie has more clothes than most humans, but I have so much fun dressing her up, its so hard to resists all these cute outfits I found when I went Birthday shopping with my sister for Lacie. Ross has so many cute dog outfits and they are all only 4 or 5 dollars each. One good thing unlike a human baby, Lacie will never grow out of her outfits. I say this to make myself feel better about it, because I know I am crazy with dog clothes but hey it makes me happy, and that's what important.

You can see in the middle a blue and pink dress. My mother made this for Lacie for her birthday it is simply wonderful, I love it sooo much. I am probably going to soon do a separate blog post about it because I love it so much. I am sure my Mother will probably blog about it too. This picture does it no justice. THANKS MOM!!!
My mothers blog --->

In the video you can see the dress my mom for just a second.

 Part of my Sister Chantel's gift was this drawing of Lacie she did, I love it!
She also made Lacie this adorable frilly Lace collar thing she is wearing, perfect that is is made of lace being that her name is Lacie.
Here I am giving all the dogs some treats!
If you are wondering why Bentley is wearing "the cone of shame" it is because my poor little guy got neutered on Friday. He was very sad on Friday but seems to be perking up now.
This was the "Human" cake we had another dog safe cake for all the pups to share.
Lacie is wearing the birthday hat here that my Mom made for her last year. SOOOO CUTE!

I think Bella wants some cake!

This was an Instagram video so it cut out right before the end :(
Instagram: Bella_Lacie_Bentley
My princess and I

It was a very fun party. The dogs had lots of treats and a doggie cake. The "humans" had Pizza, shrimps salads, & birthday cake. Then we all had some pop corn and watched the movie Beverley hills Chihuahuas 3, while cuddle up on the sofas with all the pups.

Happy Birthday Lacie.

Thanks for visiting! Hope you enjoyed.


  1. That party was so fun...and as always the house looked so cute and girlie birthday party like :) Lacie looked adorable and all the dogs had a blast :) Thanks for having us!

  2. I love how you can hear Gage "singing" along in the birthday song video :)

  3. What a cute party!!!! Your furry family members are adorable. Happy Birthday to Lacie. So cute.

  4. such a sweet party--your pics are darling:)

  5. What a fun looking party...all the decorations are pretty, as well as the pups in their clothes & birthday hats. You are an outstanding puppy Mommy.

  6. Happy Birthday Lacie! Wow, I don't know how you can get all the dogs to leave their clothes and hats on... My dog would freak and turn himself inside out trying to get them off! Enjoyed your post as always!

  7. Happy Birthday Lacie! Looks like you had a wonderful celebration! ~Hugs, Patti

  8. Reading your blog and about your adventures in home decorating and your pets makes me so happy, I just love decorating my home as well and love my pets to death. When I read your blog I truly enjoy all that you do and love seeing all that you do with your furry kids. Thanks for making my day and Happy Birthday to the Birthday Girl,k Lacie. May she enjoy many more birthdays. OX

  9. I'm so glad you had a great birthday Lacie. Looks like your mama went all out just for you. You and your brother and sister are very special to her. Thanks for sharing your very special day.

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