Saturday, May 28, 2011

My New Puppy!!!

I Just moved into my first House, feels great to be a home owner! So I decided it was time for my first puppy! now that i finally have a backyard for one to play in =]

Meet Bella
Bella is a solid white Pomeranian expected to be 4-5lbs full grown.

Bella & Big John
Bella meeting the family over at my parents house, She's like the puppy version of my Mothers cat. lol

Both my babies together<3
I'm such a lucky girl to have such cute lovable pets<3

Bella & Fufu Sleeping<3
Here they are in the car on a ride home from visiting my parents, aren't they precious?

Bella's first trip to the nursery
Picking out flowers for our new house! her eyes are very sensitive to the sun, is why she is squinting

Spoiled girl
She loves her toys!

Isn't her name tag adorable?

more pictures of Bella soon to come!


  1. Bella is so beautiful, I know she will love her new home. These little fur babies just wrap themselves around your heart...enjoy her!!

  2. Bella is so adorable! I think she is cuter everytime I see her. I'm so happy shes my new Grandpuppy!

  3. Seeing dogs and cats together never fails to make me smile! Though I know for a fact that they can really be friends, I’m still amused to see them together. By the way, did you name your dog after Bella Swan? Now, your new house will be filled with love and happiness with Bella, Big John, and Fufu around.

    -Elenora Coward