Saturday, May 28, 2011

Officially A Home Owner

I Love My Beautiful new home!
Wow it feels amazing to be a home owner at 21 years old, and not be flushing my money down the toilet on rent anymore! I'm so excited that I can now paint the walls any color I want! and change the light fixtures to anything I want! I love it!

It has 4 bedrooms!
the room plans for now are going to be...
Bedroom 1- Our Master bedroom
Bedroom 2- Guest bedroom
Bedroom 3- My Boyfriends Office
Bedroom 4- My Office

Here I'm Going to post some pictures of the house empty, Kind of like a before post of the house, before I have it all decorated! And once I get more done decorating, I'll have tons more posts to do of the rooms all done up =]

The Kitchen

(Before I bought the fridge)

Great room floor plan

Here is Kitchen & Dinning area partial of family room

Family Room & Dining Room

Family Room

Dinning Room

Formal Living Room/ Small Sitting Room
This room is the first thing you see when you come in the front door separated from the rest of the great room floor plan, I want to make this room really pretty since its the first impression for the whole house!

Front Door

The Half Bathroom

The Garage

The Backyard
Its a small backyard but perfect size for me to maintain

Now Lets go upstairs.....

My Master Bedroom

My Master Bathroom

Bedroom 2- Guest Bedroom

Bedroom 3- Boyfriends Office

Bedroom 4 - My Office
Its bigger then it looks in the picture, just trying to show its cute shape by the entry

Upstairs Hall Bathroom

Laundry Room
Looooove! that it is upstairs with the bedrooms

Hallways Upstairs

Hope you enjoyed my home tour!
Cant wait to post more when its all decorated!! =]


  1. Hi Janae, I came across your blog through Cindy's Romantic Homes blog. I am a Realtor in Virginia so of course your blog title caught my eye. I just wanted to stop and say congratulations on your new home!!! How wonderful for you! It is quite an accomplishment for anyone to be a home owner but at your age and such a lovely home too! Wow! Your decorating is just beautiful. Again, congrats and I know you are on your way to making a wonderful home for all of your furry friends and the boyfriend! Take care, Cindy

  2. WOW!! I am super impressed!! I'm sure your parents are so proud of you!! Heck, I don't even know you and I'm proud of you, lol!! You have a BEAUTIFUL home!! I look forward to seeing it all decorated :))
    Your newest follower and friend,
    P.S. If you need any advice about painting, sewing, upholstery, etc. don't hesitate to ask. I've been furnishing my home with garage sale and thrift store finds for many years and I love it :)) I also have a business doing this which I absolutely LOVE!!

  3. How impressive! I found your blog through the link on My Romantic Home. I've also signed up to follow your blog. I'm anxious to see how you decorate you house after looking at your beautiful apartment! Are you SURE you're only 21? LOL Just teasing. It's so nice to see someone your age take such pride in things like this. Your parents have to be incredibly proud. Stop by and visit my blog any time you would like! I'm looking forward to seeing updates on your decorating. You will probably give me some ideas on how to redo my bedroom I'll be working on in the next couple months. Congratulations on your new home!
    YOU GO GIRL! :o)

  4. Everyone is so right--your parents are so proud of you! I can't wait til you get to do everything you want to your house. You are awesome! I must have done something right raising you...:)