Monday, August 29, 2011

My Princess Bella Gets Her Own Bedroom

I had one room left in my house that is empty! & I decided that Bella is going to have her own room! I Have really wanted to decorate a cute little girls room for a while but since I'm not ready for kids yet, I have not been able to. So I decided to make a child like room for my puppy Bella. People may think I'm a bit crazy for having a bedroom for my dog, but why not? Her bedroom will be good for her, I feel bad leaving her in her kennel when I'm at work. I'll feel much better about leaving her at home when she has her own room to play in! & it will be so fun to decorate! The theme is Princess & cupcakes! Can't wait to do all the cute blog posts on it!!
 Just a little sneak preview.....
I Just barley got started
Way more cute stuff to come!
( you can  click the photo to make it a little larger)


  1. I love little Bella's room! I can only imagine how spoiled your human daughter will be someday :)

  2. OMG how beautiful! i love it!

    Bella will love her new room,i don't think your crazy i think its lovely you love her so much you would make her a boudior,