Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Little Touch Of Halloween Decor.

I am not a huge fan of decorating for Halloween because I don't really like orange nor black, & I like pretty things not scary things. So here is a post on my version of pretty Halloween decorating!

Now this my kind of Halloween! Glitter, crystals, bling, and  white its so me.

I talked about this pumpkin recently on my birthday post but in case you didn't see that post. This Pumpkin was a craft project made by my Mother made for me as one of my birthday gifts and I love it!

Currently it is placed on my kitchen counter

 I got this adorable sparkly boo at Target for only 2.50 what a deal.

I Love this adorable little cake stand I always have it out displaying something on it. Purchased at Homegoods a while back I think it was something like 12.99 

 My Mother painted this fake pumpkin and added all the pretty stuff on it! It is so gorgeous.

 I also bought a really cute Happy looking ghost for the start of my Halloween decor. I haven't decided where to put him yet though. I think I will end up with a few little cute ghost because I like ghost's just cause they are white, they go much better with my house haha.


  1. Carina come idea molto piĆ¹ elegante:)
    Buona giornata!!

  2. I too dislike the traditional orange and black used for halloween and LOVE the pumpkin that your Mom made for you! Your blog is charming. It is always so special to meet others who love white as much as I do!

    Trisha Evans
    A Vintage White

  3. Your pumpkin is beautiful...love how it sparkles. I don't like scary things either, but don't let Grandpa hear you say you don't like orange & black...OSU colors. :-)

  4. Cinderella has her pumpkin! Come see a Ruby Bridges tablescape.

  5. Now that is pumpkin fit for Cinderella!

    Oh I just really love this! You are so creative.

    Thank you so very much for linking up to Fall In Love Wednesdays.

    Have a blessed weekend.

  6. I love your decor ideas for Autumn, The white is perfectly elegant! The cake stand is beautiful as well!

    I have linked up with Laura's Fall in Love with Your House Party!


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