Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My 22nd Birthday has come to an end.

I had a wonderful birthday, spent the whole day with my family. Stopped by my grandparents for a little bit then, my Mother, Grandmother, Bella & I all went on a walk in the early afternoon. Then went back to my mothers house and opened the wonderful very thoughtful gifts she hand made for me! Then my Mother, Sister Chantel & Brother Wyatt & I all went to Sweet Tomatoes for dinner, & its was delicious!! even snuck in a trip to HomeGoods!

My Boyfriend got me this gorgeous Coach purse for my birthday!

Chantel's gift was so thoughtful she had my Mother help her order me an applique off etsy and its beautiful! I cant wait to do a post on the furniture piece I decide to put it on,

My twin brothers Gage & Wyatt bought me some yummy smelling cupcake soap!

 Can you believe my Mother made this? Prettiest pumpkin I have ever seen that's for sure! She is so talented. I will be so sad when Halloween is over. I wont want to put it away, it is too pretty!

She made this too!!! sooo cute! Going to look so cute in Bella's princess cupcake bedroom!

This pillow is so me. also made by my talented Mother.
(excuse the paint on my arm! haha)

 I'm so in love with this rocking chair she gave a makeover for Bella's bedroom.
I Love how she but the "B" for Bella then the crown on top, so not only dose the chair go with the cupcake theme part of her bedroom because of the beautiful fabric, but it also goes with the Princess part with the crown. Its so cute and the perfect inspiration for me to get Bella's bedroom painted tomorrow, I painted the trims and doors tonight, tomorrow I plan to paint the walls! Oh and speaking of painting the trim and doors. I must tell you that glidden trim and door paint the one on the hgtv commercials constantly rigtht now is AMAZING! its true no drips no brush marks, I am very impressed by it, now we will just have to see how long it takes to dry, The paint is so thick and gel like I think it may take a while.

& oh yeah, I finished my kitchen cabinets! Yay me! I plan t do a post on it tomorrow!

Goodnight all.


  1. Ciao Janae,
    tanti tanti auguriiiiiiiiii!!
    Molto carina la borsa,complimenti!!

  2. Wow ~ looks like you had such a wonderful birthday filled with love and family...and some nice presents too! I enjoy your blog so much! You are a doll! (*_*)

  3. Great post Janae--thanks for saying I'm talented:)