Thursday, October 13, 2011

Frame Makeover

 This is what the frame looked like before. I purchased it at Goodwill, it was 24.99 but it was the half off price so I got it for 12.49. Which I feel was a great deal for such a large frame.
I spray painted the frame and even the mounting white
 You would think to blow up a photo this large  (20 by 30) it would cost a ton. But I actually made a poster print on and it turned out great, just as good as a regular photo I think. I got the photo for less than 10 dollars too! I had a coupon for something like 25 percent off and I also get an employee discount since I am a Pharmacy tech for Walgreen's, This photo is of my Family.

I love the little details along the edged of the frame.

 The adorable little chest under the picture was a gift from my Mother. 

My Mother painted all the beautiful stencil work onto it. I love it!
See you next time!

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  1. Love the frame Janae it looks great. Of course I love you hung up a big family portrait of us too. I think maybe you should rub 'n buff that frame a little when it comes. Bella looks so cute sitting on the chest.

  2. Absolutely wonderful. See what white can do to otherwise mundane things! I wish there was a whitewash for conscious for thought :)Love it.

  3. Bella is a great model -she poses very well. :) The bench design is awesome. Does your mom remember where she bought the stencil -great design. Love all the aqua/turquoise. I am your newest Follower!!