Thursday, December 1, 2011

Christmas Pet Parade!

Today I am doing a special post for Bunny Jeans Pet Parade Party!!
I've shared some of these photos before but I wanted to do a special post for her party of all my favorite Holiday pet photos together!
I Love all my Babies so much!

 Little Bunny Fufu is such a good bunny who even lets me dress him up! Lacie & Fufu wear the same size  so they sometimes share some of the uni-sex outfits

Bella's Cookie taster shirt is so appropriate for her because that's what she knows treats as is "cookie". If you say cookie she gets all excited, it's very cute. Bella is so beautiful with her white coat she goes with my decorating very well!

Lacie is such a sweet little puppy she is so affectionate. & she doesn't mind wearing clothes at all! She's actually dressed almost all the time. My family actually thinks its almost weird if Lacie is not wearing clothes it really does seem like she is naked just because she is normally always dressed lol.

 Santa & Mrs. Clause with their reindeer.

"Mom what are you doing outside!"

Santa in his sleigh.

 Now in alot of these photo my dogs are dressed in red, even though I don't decorate my house for the holidays in red at all. There is so many cute Christmas outfits in red. But generally during the rest of the year my girls are always dressed in pink, so when I found these holiday outfits (snow princess) that were pink and purple I was thrilled and they were only 2.50 at target!

Don't Let Lacie fool you she is an angel about wearing clothes but she hates wearing bows in her hair & will rip it out the second she gets a chance.

 Hopefully I'll soon get a picture of all 3 of them together in the stockings. The gray ones I have at my house are too small to fit Bella in. The other picture is Mine & my Sister Chantel's stocking at my parents house which is Fufu wasn't with us that day.

"Mom enough pictures its time for bed!"

Be sure to check out the pet parade! click here


  1. Your pets are so adorable! Love reading your blog.

  2. Hi lovely lady.
    I love all your photos!!
    Your baby's are so sweet all dress up and put in the stocking sweet with the Bunny. O BOY.
    XXOO Diane.

  3. Hi Janae, Loved seeing your pups and bunny all set for the holidays-they are all so cute. I had such a hard time getting my Reggie to keep the hat on. Your pups are so adorable!!!
    Have a great weekend. Noreen

  4. You do such a great job taking these pictures--love the one of them falling asleep at the end!

  5. All of your little "babies" are adorable and are so lucky to have you for their "mommy". You could do some professional "pet" photography.

  6. Very cute!They would make a cute calendar!Joann

  7. Hi Janae,
    The pictures are adorable! It's nice to find someone else who dresses their babies up! I was wondering what it's like to have a pet rabbit. FuFu is so cute. I would love to read a post about how you care for a bunny and have one as a pet.

  8. Oh Janae... I just knew you wouldn't disappoint with your doggie pictures! I will have to feature some of these on Monday. Your babies are so sweet together :)

    Thanks for Joining the Christmas Pet Parade!

    xoxo Bunny Jean

  9. Michelle, Little Bunny Fufu is a wonderful pet he is such a good little boy. I have had him since he was 8 weeks old, he is two and half years now. Since I have had him since he was a little baby he is very used to being held, which a lot of bunnies are not thrilled about but he really dose not mind being held at all, He loves to have his head rubbed. He is litter boxed trained I do not keep in a cage. His food, water, hay and litter box are in my master bathroom, which is wear he spends about half his day the other half he usually hangs out in the guest room. I don't know why he just likes it in their lol. He gets along very well with my boyfriends cat, which is strange because she's a grumpy old cat who dose not like a lot of people. He is not crazy about the dogs but he puts up with them. He is fixed which is very important for a bunny because they are ready to breed all year long if not lol, and he would be stressed about not having a mate if not. This is why I got a male rabbit because spaying a female rabbit is way more risky than neutering a male. I had him fixed when he was 6 months old, when he reached maturity. It was strange before he was fixed I was about to give up on little box training, but then like right after his surgery he started using his litter box all the time, I had read it was easier to train once they were fixed, but it was crazy what a difference it made. Little Bunny Fufu is easy to take care of, he cleans himself like a cat, you do have to clip his nails but he used to it so hes pretty good about it. They say the normal problem with a pet bunny is the chewing but it's odd because he never chews anything up, I was worried about this because bunny's teeth grow forever and that why they have to chew. He went to the vet and they said his teeth looked great and he was the most healthy rabbit they have ever seen, so I guess I am just lucky! He dose have to be feed twice daily because he would eat all his food at once if you put a lot out. A rabbit would not be a good pet for someone who travled a lot. He loves oatmeal (just the dry oats) he gets on his back legs and begs for it like a dog it so cute! Thanks for the idea of doing a post on taking care of him. I will do that soon because I do get a lot people asking about him because he is not the typical pet! I am so happy I have him he brings me so much joy.

  10. Oh these pictures are so ahhh-dorable! Love love love their little snow princess tees. So cute! The picture with Lacie covering her little face is so cute. Phoebe does that a lot and it just melts my heart. Loved seeing all these cute shots of your little ones.

  11. What a fantastic photo shoot! I really enjoyed your great models. So sweet. It was funny when they were looking at you through the window. Ha ha...

  12. I am back... oooh I love these photos!... and I love seeing Fufu joining in as well... that last photo is my very favorite!... xoxo Julie Marie and Tessy

  13. How cute are your dogs. And Little Bunny Fufu, too cute for words. My Zoey needs to wear clothes but she hates them, she would rather be snuggled up on my lap.
    Thanks for sharing

  14. This is soooo cute :) I have little outfits for my cat and rabbit too hehe :) x