Monday, December 19, 2011

Hamper Revamp

I probably have one of the prettiest laundry hampers ever, in my opinion at least. hehe.

Here is the hamper before I "revamped" it. My mother recently gave me this hamper when she moved into her new house, because she was no longer going to decorate her bedroom in pink (its blue now). I was so excited because I love this piece. She purchased it many years ago, way before either of us was into repainting furniture like we both are now, so she bought it painted the way it is here (all pink). Someone spent a lot of time painting  the roses, they are gorgeous. It has been many years ago though and needed to be repainted. I like shabby chic but it was getting a little to shabby, it needed some more chic, so that's just what I did.

I knew I should paint it but I didn't want to loose the beautiful hand painted flowers. Then I had an idea! I decided to only paint the edges (which is where it was getting really shabby anyways) & I left the inner rectangles where the roses were as is. As you can see here I just used painters tape to cover the part I didn't want to paint.

It turned out just how I wanted, & I love it even more now. Not only do I love the painted roses but the appliques are just as gorgeous.

The hamper and my shower curtain seriously look as if they were made to be together. The flowers on the curtain are similar looking to the roses on the hamper. 

My shower curtain is the cherry blossom print by Rachel Ashwell's line Simply Shabby Chic. I love  this line it is sold at Target and is reasonably priced.

Aren't these His & Her towel holders too cute? I got them at Goodwill a while back, didn't even have to paint them or anything just adorable as is. They are really both my towel's though haha. My boyfriend has all his stuff in the hall bath, this is the master bathroom which I hog all to myself. Lol But I do let him have his plain boy bathroom with no pink or pretty things, which is why you'll never see that bathroom on my blog! I honestly never even go in there. My downstairs bathroom though is pretty too, which is fair right, I get two bathrooms he gets one! I am only kidding I know I am lucky, that he lets me girl-a-fie the whole house so, I let him have his one bathroom and his one man cave room. The rest if my home is all me though.

 So happy with it! Hope you enjoyed!


  1. Absolutely beautiful...I love the pink roses.

  2. very pretty!! but one question does it open up? tilt front or top? just asking cuz i truly wouldnt know what this is if i found it at a flea market or do tell and what a beautiful job you did on it!

  3. Ma dove le trovi queste cose così carine?
    Buon Natale cara!!

  4. I love it Janae--before it was too pink, now it is perfect!