Sunday, December 11, 2011

My 2nd Christmas Tree of 2011

Okay so I couldn't stand it I really wanted to decorate another tree, so I did!

Since my first tree was a more traditional tree, a flocked green tree. I decided to go for an all white one (my favorite color, that's not really a color). Both my tree's are fake, well obviously this one is Lol. I have to have fake tree because, I like to have them out for a super long time. My first tree though I do believe looks real, so I was perfectly fine with having this obviously fake tree. Don't tell my other tree but I might even like this one better hehe. I bought this tree for only 39 dollars at Walmart pre-lit. Be careful to get the pre-lit tree, they also have a white tree not lit for 40 dollars, which makes no since your paying a dollar more for no lights? Don't let the example tree at your Walmart fool you, the one at mine looked really bad, they just didn't spread out the branches, it looked so thin they must have just took out of the box and put it up in 2 minutes, I spent about 20 minutes spreading all the branches out just how I wanted them and it looks very full now.

Remember those beautiful poinsettia ornaments I got at dollar tree, don't they look great?

My First tree is in my formal sitting room, which is nice because you can see it in the front window, from the outside and is the first thing you see when you come in. But this tree is  nice because I have it in my family room/great room which is where I spend most of my time  so I can see it and enjoy it more often. 

(With Flash)
 I switched my sofa's around to make more room for the tree usually the full size sofa is against the wall and the love seat is the room divider but this works better with the tree for now, my boyfriend likes it better because he says he can see the  TV better now from the bigger sofa, instead of the smaller one. I still think I'll change it back after the Holidays though.

I've always had this mirror in this corner here, I decided to leave it, and just put the tree in front of it, which I am glad I did! The mirror reflects the light from the tree beautifully, and makes it so you can see the ornaments on the back of the tree too.

There is something special
About this time of year
The Christmas feeling's everywhere.


  1. Your tree, and all of the decorations are absolutely gorgeous!! You have created a beautiful Christmas atmosphere in your home.

  2. Your white tree is gorgeous and your chandelier is glorious! What a beautiful room!

    Thank you for linking your love tree to the Christmas Tree Party!

  3. Hi, I'm your newest follower. I love your tree, very sparkly! ... :0)

  4. So beautiful! I purchased my first white tree this year and decorated it with turquoise elements.

  5. I love the blue and white together! So pretty. Love the last pic of the little dogs!Happy weekend!

  6. My daughter's tree this year is white like yours- but yours in your room looks even brighter- lovely!

    Visiting from My Romantic Home's linky party,
    Smiles and thanks for sharing,
    Suzanne at WhyCuzICan in NW Illinois

  7. Oh now I want a white tree!, it looks so beautiful, just perfect with your room.

  8. I love your white trees they are all beautiful...I have always wanted a white tree...I just must have one next year....I am a new follower...come on over for a visit...

  9. aww I love your tree....can you ship it to me when you get tired of it...;) have a beautiful Christmas...xo

  10. It matches your decor perfectly!

  11. Ilove the white

    very creative and festive