Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My Blog Spot

This post is "My Blog Spot" meaning my area in which I have made to work on my blog.
 This is were I am sitting right now making my post and listening to Christmas music.

I just finished setting up this little space. I am embarrassed to say but this is the 3rd desk I have bought for this little space, the first two I liked but I didn't love them like I love this one, which is what inspired me to hurry up and paint this one unlike the other two that have been in my garage for months.

 My Mother found this desk at Goodwill for 29.99 and sent me a picture message of it, knowing I would love it. So glad she stopped at Goodwill that day. It even has great handles on it already that I decided to reuse! I just painted them a blue green color I love.

You can see the desk better here with no chairs. It looks as if it has two drawers but it is just one large one, which I love because my laptop fits in it! As I have said before about how I think Tv's are a must but not pretty at all, I feel the same way about computers. I love my little laptop but it's black and looks better hidden in the drawer. Someday I hope to get a white laptop! 

 I love my little bulletin board I got a Goodwill a while back for only 2.99, it is much prettier then a normal one, the backing in a nicer color and texture not just the normal cork stuff. I have my first two Christmas cards I have received pinned up there right now.

 Generally people have a little lamp on their desk, but a chandelier hanging above is much more my style! So glad I finally found the perfect spot for this little beauty it had been in the closet since I moved into my house. I was waiting for the perfect spot to hang it, and now I have found it.

My Eiffel tower is one of my favorite things, It was black when I purchased it at Goodwill I of course painted it white.

The picture is of my little sister Chantel, it is one of my all time favorite pictures of her. The frame is surrounded with angels. The other two accessories, the bowl with birds and the angel wing were both gifts from my Mother, I love them both.

My desk is upstairs and it's actually not in a room, I have a fairly large sized hallway area in between my 4 bedrooms upstairs and that's where I have it. I gave up having an a whole room for an office so my dogs could have their own bedroom. But it works out perfect because it is all the space I need for the desk and it is making the hallway look so much better than before, I felt as it was empty and boring before.

Hope you enjoyed!
See you next time!


  1. This little desk and the whole area is beautiful! Now I can picture you sitting there as I read your blogs every morning.

  2. This really is a beautiful piece! You totally stole that! Great painting job as well!

  3. I love it Janae--it turned out perfect! Great place to work on posts.

  4. Tre Chic! Very pretty :) Thanks for sharing your Blog Spot with us!

    Visiting from My Romantic Home's linky party.
    ~Smiles, Suzanne in NW Illinois

  5. I have that desk. It is by Hammory Furniture - in the 1970's. I have the complete collection - coffee table - book drum table - console table - plus two curio cabinets. These pieces are classic "French in the Country".

  6. So pretty! What a great find! And I'm totally blogging spot is sitting on my bed!! lol!

    evie @ brown paper packages

  7. I adore your blogging spot! I think the hallway is a great place for your sweet little desk. I am sure it makes you smile everytime you walk by! You have such beautiful style!
    Best Wishes and Blessings,

  8. Hi Janae, I´m your newest follower and I simply love love LOVE that desk! and the whole space too! if I had a little sanctuary like that, I would do anything but blogging all day long... You have wonderful skills on decorating, specially for a young lady!!!
    I´m a little envious because here in my country you can´t find a piece like that desk for less than U$S 400 -and obviously I can´t afford it :(
    So for now I´ll keep on dreaming while exploring your older posts and expecting for new ones (I´m following your mom´s blog too, you two ladies are such a great inspiration!!!)
    Hugs and blessings,

  9. This is adorable, I love everything about it! I've been a planning space like this for my laptop. It would nice to be out of the office and away from work - when I just want to chat with friends.

  10. It is adorable. Thanks for sharing. Whilst I am here just wanted to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and thank you for supporting my blog. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

  11. I just found your blog, i loooooove your desk.

  12. Sweet girl that you are, I am so impressed with your talent and creativity! A young lady with much talent and direction. I have just been having the best time seeing all you have accomplished in your home. I am amazed!

  13. Really cute spot I, m working on mine now, I hope it turns out as chic as yours !