Saturday, February 11, 2012

Anastasia's Fashion Show.

This is my mannequin her name is Anastasia

 Tonight I was playing around, dressing her in some of my clothes.

This was my dress I wore to Senior Prom. The dress is hot pink not red the photo sort of makes it look red.

It works out great that my mannequin wears the same size as I do.

I love wearing this dress in the summer.

I have never even wore this dress,  It's so pretty, but I have always felt it looks to much like a wedding dress on me.

The back of the above dress.

Out of today's outfits this is my favorite thing on Anastasia, I wore this dress to my friends Jessica's wedding. I love this dress but have only worn it the one time because I don't have anywhere to wear something like this very often. So I am very glad I can now have my mannequin where it so I can admire it much more often.

 I think this mannequin will be alot of fun to dress up and put accessories on I want to find a beautiful hat to place over her little nub for a head.

Hope you enjoyed!


  1. I love it Janae--it looks awesome. I wish I was that size! You have beautiful clothes. I forgot about that white dress. That dress you wore to Jessica's wedding is one of my favorites!

  2. What fun to dress Anastasia in your adorable outfits. You look beautiful in everything you wear!

  3. How fun to have Anastasia and how fun she is your same size! I love the dress you wore to the wedding the most, too.
    I am following your new linky tool!


  4. I love it..I think she needs to go to a Ball!!! I am always dressing my form in different outfits and I use her for when I sew myself an outfit (I guess that was their original use LOL!) I think she picked the perfect pink dress and I am thrilled that she will be attending the dress form ball!


  5. Miss Anastasia looks beautiful in all your lovely clothes ~ I really like the ruffled tops :)

    I'm now following you on the new Linky, and hope you will follow me too :)

    Warmest hugs, Brenda

  6. I think Anastasia looks very nice in all your clothes. I especially like the little cotton summer dress.

  7. So nice to meet you and Anastasia. I think she would get along with my Jewelee. So many possible choices to go to the party in. Even the undergarments are lovely. Hope y'all have fun at the ball!

  8. I just love all the beautiful outfits you dressed her up in.....
    She looks great with anyone of them....


  9. Hi Janae!

    You are just SO GIRLY! Just too cute for words...

    xoxo Bunny Jean