Sunday, March 11, 2012

Bella's Birthday Paw-ty

The Birthday girl & I.
I love my little princess so much that I decided to throw her a 1st bash with all her doggie friends!
Bella's real birthday was yesterday march 9th but I had to work. So Tonight march 10th I throw her a Birthday party! You may think I am crazy but hey I really don't care! We had fun!

We decked out the house for Bella's 1st birthday.

My little sister Chantel spent the night before the party to help decorate!!

 Spoiled Bella got lots of gifts!!

 Then Bella's doggie party guest arrived about 6:30 tonight. Bella's doggie guest were Lacie, Daffiney, Duke, Daisy & Boots. Big John the cat and Fufu the Bunny also attended. Her human guest were my mother (Bella's Grandma) My brother & Sister Chantel & Wyatt, Also my too close friends Brittany & Rachel.

Duke & Daisy.

Little Bunny Fu-fu

 Bella's little sissy Lacie.

I order all sorts of doggie treat that look human like from a doggie bakery.
We had human pizza and doggie pizza for our guests.

The dogs sat at the table and had their doggie pizza.

I also got Bella her own doggie birthday cake from the doggie bakery.

Since Bella had her cake all to herself we got "pup" cakes for to other dogs.

Boots with his "pup" cake

 My Mom & Bella.

My Mother made Bella this adorable little birthday hat.

Brittany & Bella

Rachel & Bella

 We played pin the tail on Bella!

Chantel won!
Pin the tail on Bella was our game for the humans.
Then we had our doggie game...

 A Pinata filled with doggie treats! I got a pull string one Bella pulled the first string.

 Chantel pulled the lucky string that release the treats

We helped the dogs fill up their treat bags.

 Lucky little Bella got lots of presents!

Bella buried in all her gifts!
I love her cupcake blanket my mom got her its so soft!

Group shot of Bella & all her party guests!

"Mommy I want some human pizza too"

I love them!!

The Human cake.

It was such a fun night!!

Its was sure a big day for little Bella, She says its time for a nap now!


  1. Janae--That was the cutest birthday party I have ever been too! You thought of everything and everything was so adorable! I also couldn't believe how all the dogs, cats, and even Bunny Fufu all got along. I guess they are all old friends by now:) Great post--you did a great job of showing all our memories. Grandma will love this!

  2. Bellissima questa festa di compleanno,i tuoi cani devono essere fieri di avere una padrona come te!!
    Li amo molto anche io;D
    Baci dall'Italia

  3. What an adorable party!! I love all of the photos that you took and put on your blog for us all to enjoy. I think all of those doggies (& bunny) think they are human, too. You are a master party planner! Thanks for sharing it.

  4. Hi! I just left a comment on your Mom's blog. Fantastic birthday bash. Did you remember the doggie bags?!! Anyways, it looks like everybody had a fantastic time!

  5. Hello! I came here after visiting your Mom's blog. I've never quite seen anything like this doggie party. Tee hee...I think you need some little children. Of course doggies are adorable, and we have on Jack Russell Terrier named Kelsie who we give a special "cake" to on her birthday each year. This year she will be 11. Your doggies are adorable. Your blog is just fantastic! You've done a marvelous job on your home decorating!!!! Want to come and do mine?

  6. Absolutely amazing!!!! I can not believe how all the pups & bunny pose so adorably for all the photos - I can't get mine to stay still for a second. Bella looks like she definitely enjoyed her party, they are all very lucky to have you in their lives.

  7. Cutest thing I've ever seen, seriously. Ok Janae, you have GOT to either get this whole party published as a feature in a dog magazine, or start your OWN magazine, 'For the Love of Pets" (to borrow from your mom's blog)- with all your adorable things you do for your lovelies!

  8. i'm thinking you'd make an awesome party planner, janae--this is all so pretty! love the pinata idea!

  9. How adorable is this! You really put together an incredible party ~ love all the cute photos!!

  10. I cam over from your Mom's blog. This is the cutest party! Looks like all the dogs and bunny had a great time. I didn't even know they made dog pizza! Very cute!

  11. I came over from your Mom's! I needed more, this is the cutest thing I have ever seen. I want to do a doggie party!! I am your newest follower! Wish you were my neighbor!!


  12. Hi Janae!

    That was better than any party my kids have ever had! You went all out and I bet every one,including the people, had lots of fun.

    I just hope none of your guest ate too much... and I also hope no one mixed up any of the goodies :D

    Thanks for sharing this at my party this week!

    xoxo Bunny Jean
    Wednesday's Bunny Hop Party!

  13. What a beautiful party you had for Bella, like some other posters .....I am amazed they all sat still for well behaved.

    What a loved and lucky little fur family.

  14. What a great pawty!!! We are new to following your blog. When you get a moment, please stop by our blog and follow us back! We can't wait to read more of your blog!