Monday, March 12, 2012

Easter's Coming!

I love decorating for Easter because I love all the pretty pastels & I love bunnies!

Okay I realize I am a bit early considering I started decorating a few weeks ago and St. Patrick's day is still almost a week away lol. But hey I like Easter better anyways.

Bella & Lacie posing with the pretty bunny lady.

I have had this little bunny sitting out all year long always holding nothing, I always wondered would be cute to have her holding the I found it, how perfect, well for Easter time at least.

Aren't these ceramic painted eggs I found at Goodwill gorgeous?!

My front entry.

Easter is Little Bunny Fu-fu's favorite Holiday!


  1. Your decorating is adorable--but that last picture of FuFu steals the show--he is so cute!

  2. That picture of FuFu is adorable! Love your Easter decorations. That bunny lady between your two little dogs is so cute!

  3. I agree, that photo of FuFu is perfect! Your decorations are so cute, and inspire me to do some decorating for Easter, too.

  4. You have such cute decorations. I'm with the rest, FuFu is a cutie.

  5. Your blog is delightful and the fur babies are all so cute. They look like happy little angels. You have accomplished a lot for a 22 yr old. I will be visiting again! Have a Pink day!