Sunday, March 25, 2012


Almost two months ago now my mother and I went to the Junk sisters Show. I have yet to share with you the two beautiful mirrors I got there, so that just what I am going to do today!

 Here is the first mirror. I hung it above my guest bed, it is the perfect size to fill up that big empty spot I had before. I spray painted it white. The mirror was gold when I bought it for 25 dollars at the show.

 This is what the mirror looked like before I painted it, still gorgeous at its original state, just not the right color for my home.

It's going to be so pretty when I get a crystal chandelier for this room, like I am planning on. The crystals will be reflecting in the mirror, I can't wait!

Here I am at the show eyeing the other mirror, I knew when I saw it I had to have it!
I bought this mirror at the booth of Gypsy Soul.

It was a challenge to fit it in my car, but it was worth it when I got it home.

This mirror is the official start of my wall of mirrors I have been planning! I didn't even  have to paint this mirror it was perfect the color it already was.

Eventually I plan to fill the whole wall up the stair case with vintage mirrors.
( To Grandma: I have hopes that you will find me some vintage mirrors this summer at garage sales!)
 I am going to need ALOT of mirrors to fill the whole wall

The mirror just looks perfect here.
 I can't wait to paint the staircase railings white it will look so much better white.

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  1. Love your mirrors. That one looks great over the guest bed--will look even better when you find the perfect chandelier. Love it!

  2. Your little message to Grandma makes me smile. We are putting a lot of hopes on her garage sale abilities:)

  3. You found some absolutely GORGEOUS mirrors!! And perfect places to display them :) I'm looking forward to when "garage sale" season starts up here, as I can't wait to see what treasures I can find, for not so much money, which is the Best way to treasure hunt, right? :) Have a lovely week :)

    Warmest hugs, Brenda

  4. Those mirrors are beautiful, Janae'...perfect for your home. I love the way they reflect light ( & chandeliers) and make rooms appear larger. I'll be looking for more for you at garage sales this summer.

  5. Love the mirrors! They will be gorgeous going up the stairs. I can't wait to see when you get it done.


  6. Hi Janae!

    That big mirror is fantastic! The wall will be fun to decorate and will look so nice when done.

    Thanks for sharing at my party this week!

    xoxo Bunny Jean
    Wednesday's Bunny Hop Party!

  7. Old mirrors are my weakness...these are lovely!

  8. Gorgeous mirrors, Janae! What a great deal on the first one! I would have grabbed it and found a spot for it for $25.00.

  9. Love mirrors, and you got some really nice ones!!

  10. I'm obsessed with mirrors myself! These are really pretty! ~Lori

  11. Oh, I love your mirrors! What a great finds!

  12. Your mirrors are beautiful. I decided about a week ago to do a wall of mirrors in my family room and have collected about 5 of them now. Went to the flea market yesterday and found 3 at decent prices. Can't wait to see your completed wall.

  13. That second mirror is amazing!! Great buy! I'm a new follower popping over from Feathered Nest Friday~hope you will return the visit! Angie

  14. What lovely mirrors! I think a crystal chandelier will definitely make the first one "shine," har har. And the second mirror?? Stunning!! I'm jealous! :)

  15. Love your blog and your amazing style! Need a little help. I am trying to redo my bedroom and can't find the perfect color for the walls. Love the color on your stair pics. Do you by chance know what color/brand you used? any help or tips appreciated. I have gone through so many sample cans, my hubby is getting so irritated with me ha ha. Thanks for the inspiration! Hoppy Easter!