Monday, April 30, 2012

Progress on floors (post 1)

So far I have worked on laying my new floors, most of the day  Saturday & Sunday, with the help of mostly my mother and some from my step dad and sister Chantel too. I will admit in the very begging I was pretty frustrated the "click together" floors don't really click together all the easily, well at least mine don't. But I am coming along and It's getting easier now that I have got the hang of it. I have all the dining room floor done, except I still have to ad a decorative trim to the molding to cover the gap you must leave for a floating floor, but I am doing that when I am completely done, or I should say my step dad is doing that when I am completely done.

I have also got the kitchen almost done.

I am so happy with the color, it is exactly what I had imagined I had wanted. The dark color is such a great grounding color to all my light furniture.

 It's just Bella & I this morning. Sweet Lacie is getting spayed today, Bella & I have been missing her all morning. I am so worried about my little baby, I can't wait for it to be 5pm already so we can go pick her up. I took this whole week off work, so I could keep an eye on Lacie after surgery and to do my floors.

So far it the floors make the room seem bigger! My table is much smaller in these photo's though, I generally have my to leafs in it so I can set it for 6 rather than 4.

Don't let me fool you with all nice the dining side is looking the living room looks like a tornado hit Lol!
Well I better get to it! See ya!!


  1. Looks FABULOUS Janae'- LOVE the color and the contrast with all the white. Good job- I'm so impressed. Love your work ethic, girlie!

  2. Amazing! You never cease to amaze and inspire me :)

  3. It is looking great--good to see your kitchen all cleaned up. That must feel better! We'll get that livingroom cleaned up soon and you can enjoy your house more this vacation time:) Love your floors and I am so proud of your work ethic too!

  4. Your floors look great! I can't believe you tackled that on your own. Awesome!

    Amy Jo

  5. Dear Janae,
    I just found your blog last week and am so impressed with your decorating, your sweet fur babies, and your accomplishments at such a young age. I sure wished they were doing this type of decorating with the white paint when I was a young girl starting out.
    Your floors are amazing and they don't go down as easy as they sound. My DH put ours down and we have an old house with radiators and this stuff doesn't saw easy. I admired your trying this out yourself and getting it done. I love the color of the wood you picked out and the width of the planks. You are doing an amazing job and I love the look is has created with all your furniture.
    I can understand about your worry with the little one being spayed. She is so tiny and so cute. You are one lucky girl. I read your mother's blog and loved it too.

  6. Your floor looks great, Janae'. Add Grampa & me to the list of people who are so proud of you!

    Enjoyed walking with you and Bella today. Hope Lacie is doing well and heals quickly.

  7. Hi Janae,
    Your floors are looking beautiful! Great job!

  8. Hi Janae
    I have just stumbled upon your blog in the last week and love your style. Right up my alley, all my furniture is white also. Yes I also have a dog named Sol who is also my baby. Don't ever think you spoil them too much or giving them birthday parties is strange, I do the same thing and they deserve it just as much as their 2 legged owners. Your floors looking amazing, I tackled the same job 2 years ago and my knees took a month to recover, even though I was wearing knee pads. You should be proud of yourself, you have achieved a lot for your young years.

  9. Hello sweetie! These floors are looking fabulous! I also thought your room looked huge with the floors! I can't wait to see more! Love it!

  10. I knew you would love those floors! We sure love ours! It is abit tricky for the first bit and yes, a little bit frustrating, but once you have some practice it goes alot more quickly! Can't wait to see it when it's all done!

  11. It looks amazing!
    Greetings from Australia♥

  12. How come your boyfriend didn't help? Or is it obvious from his picture? You need to use your brain sister. Diversity doesn't work.

    1. Dear "anonymous"

      I would personally email you, but since that's not possible here it goes....

      1- I hate when people make RUDE comments as "anonymous", people should never say anything that they are to scared to show who they really are. COWARD.

      2- The a color of a persons skin has NOTHING to do with the type of person they are!! People are people no matter what color their skin is, you are very ignorant if you can't see that.

      3- It's really none of your business but my boyfriend was working 12 hour shifts, like he generally does while I was doing the floors. HE WORKS WEEKENDS. He has a great job working with children who have have disabilites.

      4-My boyfriend & I have been together for more than 5 years and the fact that we don't have the same skin color has NEVER EVER NOT ONE TIME been an issue. I can't even imagine why it ever would be. EVERY PERSON IS CREATED EQUAL.

      5-I am an independent women, yes I got some help from family, but I did most of my floor all on my own and I enjoy the feeling of being independent and doing it on my own.

      6- I am sorry that you are so unhappy with your life that you feel the need to write rude comments on other people's blog to try & bring them down. Didn't your mother ever teach you "If you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all"

      7- I am a very strong believer in karma and you deserve what's coming to you for that comment.

      Good Day! =]

    2. Well said Janae. Your finished floors look amazing. Well done Miss Carpenter girl. I luv it when us girls get in there and have a go at DIY. Keep posting I enjoy your furniture transformations and your beautiful family including all the furry ones.Keep your chin up, you are a beautiful person. Nel

  13. You are right. I won't go in to details. I was very wrong to post that and I am sorry that I hurt you. Forgive me. Your home is beautiful. You and your beau make a wonderful couple. I have learned much from this interchange. It woke me up to who I was becoming. You have done a great thing for me by telling me off. Best wishes. You are a good person.

    1. Anonymous- it takes a big person to admit they were wrong and to apologize... And, Janae, you said it beautifully,

  14. I think I’m with everybody here on saying that the space look fantastic! The dark wood flooring definitely did some wonder in the place. It is a good contrast with your white furniture and details. Also, the dark color creates an illusion of depth on the space, making it look more alluring.