Monday, July 30, 2012

Christmas in July

A blogger friend Brenda over at Shabby Cats And Roses recently had a wonderful Christmas in July giveaway & guess who won ME!! Yay!  I was so thrilled! & today it came in the mail!

I won this beautiful Christmas stocking. It is so girly I love it.
 Billie just thought he had to model the stocking.

In the giveaway I also won this gorgeous sachet, & omgosh it smells sooooo wonderful

Little Bunny Fufu also modeled the stocking.

Brenda was so sweet to also add some little extra's to my Giveaway, The Rose and little candle were apart of that such perfect colors for my decor. Also a Jolee's bling dimensional sticker, it is so pretty & glittery I have to find the perfect project to use them for. all these things are so very me, so very thoughtful of her!

If you are not a follower of Brenda already be sure to visit her blog it is wonderful!

Group picture of my babies I took tonight.

They got tired of me taking pictures then fell asleep on me

About an hour after I took these photo's I was siting at the dining room table on my lap top, & I glance over at the living room and little bunny Fufu is still sitting right were I left him. He is so funny how he just stays were ever I put him. As I'm working on this post he is still sitting there, I am sure he won't get down until I take him off the love seat Lol. You may be wondering what the covered up love seat is, well it is an up coming project you will have to stay tuned for, what is under the blanket is not so pretty right now but I have big plans for it! I moved my tv on top of the fireplace instead to make room for the  love seat. What do you think?

But of course I could never get rid of my gorgeous TV stand, so I found a new place for it. Now being used as a buffet type thing in my dining room

I moved the dresser that was where the TV stand/ buffet is now to the other side of my hutch.

Beautiful flowers from my Grandmother

I went over to get a closer picture of Little bunny sitting by himself on the  love seat, and right as I get my camera out Lacie jumps up and poses right next to Fufu, I swear I did not put her like this, I did not even plan for her to be in the photo they are so used to having their picture taken they know what to do I guess Lol


  1. That is so funny that your pets are so well trained for picture taking! Love the gifts you got from Brenda--how sweet of her. Love the pictures of Billie and Fufu modeling the stocking. The flowers from Grandma look so pretty. I really like the new arrangement.

  2. That stocking is gorgeous, Congrats!

    Amy Jo

  3. This whole post is delightful and fun. Your home is beautiful!! It amazes me how you photograph your pets so well. How in the world did you get them to sleep all at the same time? They are so cute!

  4. How adorable are Billie & Bunny Fufu posing in the stocking!! I wish I could get my kitties to pose so perfectly for me, lol ~ It took several takes just to get the ones you see of them on my sidebar :) Thank you again for entering my giveaway! I am so happy that you won! Enjoy them :)

    Looking forward to seeing the finished project your working on!
    Have a wonderful day!

    Warmest hugs, Brenda

  5. Congratulations. Your models were perfect for your post. I don't know why yours is one of the blogs I always read. I am not really a decorator type person and I (kinda' afraid to say this out loud) am not a particular animal lover (wish them no harm - just don't have any) just seem to have a delightful life. I do like what you did with your TV - mine is above fireplace as well. The TV stand as a buffet is great as well. Enjoy all your babies today.

  6. congrats on winning all those beautiful treasures from Shabby Cats and Roses.

    Look forward to seeing what your up and coming project is!!

  7. The stocking etc. is made out of my favorite fabric ever!:-)

  8. Wonderful sweet prize you won. As usal love the pets and pics. Adorable babies,