Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Mirrors, Flowers, & Fur Babies

This weekend I was able to get some mirrors up on the mirror wall. My best friend's Dad has a "little giant" ladder I borrowed, these ladders are awesome because you can adjust the two sides to different lengths, so it can be placed on stairs. I am going to be on a hunt on Craigslist for one of these ladders for myself. They are super neat but crazy expensive to buy brand new, so hopefully I can find a used one for myself. It would be very handy to have one to clean the mirrors & to continue my mirror wall on the other 4 walls around the stairs I plan to do.

I can't wait until all the walls are filled up and the mirrors will be reflecting the mirrors on the other side. The large plain oval mirror that is on the right side is reflecting the wall great that someday will also be filled with vintage mirrors.

View from front door
I feel the mirror wall makes a big statement when you walk in the front door, I am loving it.

I found this sign at Goodwill, I thought it was pretty funny being the huge animal lover I am. I do like kids don't get me wrong, but since I don't have any, this sign is pretty comical for me to have.

My Grandmother brought me these gorgeous flowers, I am so lucky she always make me such gorgeous arrangements.

My entry table
I got these two little mirrors at goodwill recently for the mirror wall. I actually found them in the same week at two different Goodwill's. Then when I was going through my mirrors to hang for the wall,  I found that I had a big version of this mirror already, I forgot I had it and decided to put them here instead of on the mirror wall. I think they look adorable as a little matching set.

I have such awesome Grandparents. My Grandpa put together this cute little potted plant for me how sweet of him.

Now a post would not be complete without my fur babies...
Have you seen Boo? Oh my gosh he is this adorable little Pomeranian (same breed as Lacie & Bella) with a funny little hair cut, he is so adorable. He even has his own books as seen with my girls here.
Lacie & Bella say it would be their dream come true to meet Boo & his adorable best friend Buddy.
Bella & Little Bunny Fufu
I was having a fun time with the thought bubbles on picmonkey.com

The kittens are growing up so fast! I took my 3 over to my parents house yesterday, to have a play date with their 2 siblings who live there, & I took this updated 10 week old photo of them all.
 We could not forget a picture of sweet little Billie Boy, my Mother gave him a bath for me yesterday. My Mother has alot of experience in grooming Persians, being that she used to breed and show them. Doesn't he look great?
Thanks for stopping by my blog, hope to see you again soon.


  1. Your mirror wall is looking more and more dramatic--I love it! Also love the arrangement from Grandma, potted flowers from Grandpa, and that picture of Bella and Lacie with their Boo books is adorable! Thanks for posting the link to Boo's facebook--I went and liked him. The sign about kids on a leash is perfect for you:) Great post :)

  2. This whole post was beautiful and entertaining. I laughed out loud at the photo of Bella and Lacie reading their books. Enjoyed the little extra signs that you added. Your mirrors are amazing!! Please be careful on that ladder...that's grandma talk. I'll make sure Grandpa sees that you like the little planter that he made for you.

  3. Your wall of mirrors is stunning. Its the perfect "accent wall" for your mirrors. Your sweet fur babies are so neat. I enjoyed seeing how much they have grown. Thanks for sharing.
    Connie, IN/FL

  4. Oh WOW what a gorgeous mirror wall! So sparkley!!
    I love your "pets welcome . . .. " sign :-))
    And I enjoyed meeting all your precious furbabies! They are all adorable!!

  5. Your mirror wall is really coming along beautifully! Tomorrow I will be stopping at one of our local GW stores, and hopeing to find some sweet treasures to bring back home with me. Those sweet kitties are just growing so big! They are just so cute! LOVE the pic with your cute doggies "reading" their favorite books, lol!!

  6. Hi Janae: The kids are all so beautiful and how DO you get the kitties to pose so prettily? I love your mirror wall. You certainly have some beautiful frames. I bet your home just sparkles..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  7. Your home rocks!!!! You have a great eye for style!!!! I wish I could find the amount of cute stuff you find at the GW.Ours in our town isn't the best but once in a while I do find something cute.Love all your pets ,they are adorable and the photos show how much time and effort you put into loving them. Blessings,Sara

  8. Your mirrors are beautiful grouped together like that and work very well with the style of your home. I always enjoy seeing pictures of your pets. Someday you need to give us all tips on how to get them looking at the camera. I love taking pictures of my dogs, yet all but one of them turn their heds whenever they see the camera. Would love to know how you do it. Have a great weekend!