Friday, July 20, 2012

R.I.P Sassy

Today my childhood kitty Sassy passed away she was 17 years old. I will miss her so much. But I am so glad she lived such a long life. We got Sassy when I was 5 years old, she brought me so much happiness growing up, she was a true best friend.

This picture was of Sassy's first birthday party! She was so so loved.
(Yes that is me holding her)

Me with Sassy & Snuffy
Snuffy also passed away a few years ago I miss him so much. My Billie boy reminds me a lot of Snuffy.

Sassy as a kitten

I have always been an animal lover.

Sassy & I napping

Sassy & Bella giving kisses summer 2011

Sassy & I in 2008

My friend & I with the kitty's

Big John, Billie & Sassy

Tiny baby kitten Sassy & I

This is the very last picture of sassy & I there will ever be, thinking about that brings tears to my eyes this photo was taken about a week ago.

R.I.P Sassy I love you.


  1. Tears poured down my face as I looked through this. We miss Sassy so much. You did a great job making a memory post of her. It is so weird to have an animal that has been a part of your daily life for so many years (all their lives in the case of the rest of the kids)and then have her be gone. We will see her again someday.

  2. awwh,I'm so sorry,you love your pets so much too. At least she had a good life and was well loved. Blessings. xx

  3. So sorry to hear this sad news ~ you all gave her such a wonderful & loving life, no pet (family member) could ask for more :) Lots of wonderful memories to help you thru this very sad time. Sending my thoughts & prayers to you.

    Warmest hugs, Brenda

  4. Please accept my deepest sympathies. The loss of a loved one (pet) is never easy. Take comfort in the many fond and loving memories of your time spent with Sassy and those sweet memories will bring joy to your heart for many years to come.

    Also, I wanted to thank you for your wonderful blog posts. The pictures of your home, pets (family) and your witty thought bubbles always bring a smile to my face. I am head over heels in love with your Billie cat and I hope to find my own Billie oneday.

    Feel better soon,


  5. What a long and love filled life Sassy enjoyed. What joy she brought to you as I am sure you brought joy to her. I mourn your loss as well. Accept my condolences. I love the pictures of you as you grew into the beautiful, sweet young lady you are now. What sweet birthday parties you have had for your babies throughout the years. I think your Mother surely was instrumental in developing your love of animals. I am happy you have each other.

  6. What a sweet face Sassy had and a great story of her life in pictures. RIP Sassy looks like you had a great life.

    My condolences to you and your family as Sassy crosses over Rainbow Bridge.

  7. So sorry for your loss looks like while she lived long she lived fabulously.

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  9. Dear Janae,
    I just read your mom's blog and found about the passing of your sweet pet. I know how the pain feels - you feel like you have lost a member of the family. Pets hold a special place in our hearts and love us unconditionally. All of your pets are so lucky to have such a loving home. You did such a great job with your picture/memories of Sassy. I loved reading every word. Thanks for sharing with us.

  10. Janae ~ I'm really sorry to hear this about your loss. I know how much you love your animals. I was just over on your Mom's blog and saw her post. I feel for the both of you...xo

  11. So sorry to hear about Sassy :( It looks like she lived a really amazing life filled with love! I know how hard it is to lose a pet. They're really not a pet, more of a family member. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family!

  12. I'm sorry to hear about your baby's passing. I lost my 18 year old kitty "Marlin" on July 19. I miss him so much! I know how heartbreaking it is to lose "one of the family".

  13. We came to paw our respects, soft husky woooos,

    RA, Isis & Nanük