Thursday, August 16, 2012

Table & Mirror Makeovers

I purchase this little table for 7.99 at my local Goodwill

I added these little knobs with applique's behind, I purchased these at They were very affordable and give the piece so much more dimension. These crystal knobs add the perfect touch of a light green they go with my decor colors wonderfully.

These beautiful flowers are from my Grandmother from her garden. These roses smell so good! Seriously they are the best smelling roses I have ever smelled, & they are last really well they still look great and she gave them to me on Monday.

 My white Pomeranian & white Persian, Bella & Billie really blend in with my home decor.
My little Pomeranian princess Lacie. 
Lacie  always starts to pose when I get the camera out.

I recently purchased this mirror at Goodwill as well for 49.99, which I feel like was a steal for how large it is, with all the ornate detail. I was beyond excited when I found this mirror! I feel like it is larger then it looks it pictures,  it is really big. We had quite the time getting this in the car, I folded down my seat so it could go from the back of the trunk all the way to the back of the front seats and it just barley fit. I looked up the brand on the back of it online and similar mirrors were selling for $500 and up of this brand. I think it has to be if not my favorite mirror I own, in the top 3  ( last time I counted I had about 50ish mirrors in my home). I am a mirror addict it is my favorite thing to collect.

I love how mirrors bring in so much light and make rooms feel larger.

 My girls Bella & Lacie on the sofa.

My kittens are at the age where they are getting into everything!! Less than 5 minutes after I got Louie & Lulu out of here, I look over & Billie & Levi are in there!

Hope you enjoyed! Come back anytime!


  1. I love that little table--and that huge mirror! They both look fantastic with their makeovers. Your photography skills are really improving too. Looks great!

  2. I did enjoy,everything Janae,as always,love to stop by to see what more treasures you have found and turned into something beautiful. xx

  3. The little table and amazing mirror are beautiful and look perfect in your gorgeous home. I"m so glad you are enjoying the roses.

  4. Everything is amazing and gorgeous!

  5. I love it all! You seem to have good luck at Goodwill! I never find anything at mine :(

  6. Ohhhh, my!!! Janae! What a coup for you. I'd pay over the moon to own that mirror. If only our GW was worth a durn out here (MD.). I am into finding more mirrors for my staircase wall to tuck amongst my vintage silhouette pictures. Even the yard sales were not good this year, :( ... but I will keep plugging away at seeking the same elegance you share with us. Soon I will re unveiling our hydrangea room ... hope you will view & give hints on your touches that it needs.

    Your home is absolutely amazing ...

    Have a beautiful day & weekend, sweetie.
    TTFN ~

  7. Everything looks great!!! I love mirrors too,you definitely scored at the goodwill!!!!! Blessings,Sara

  8. Love it!! So beautiful and romantic<3 hugs from Lisbeth, a mom from Norway ;)

  9. so nice !I am amazed by your talent !
    Kisses from PARIS (FRANCE)