Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Chandelier in Guest Bedroom

This chandelier was above my fireplace. But since I decided to put my TV above my fireplace I had to find a new place for it. I put above the vanity in the guestroom

What do you think? At first I thought the chandelier was to big for this spot but its growing on me. This chandelier plugs in to a regular wall socket by the way which makes it so easy to move it around to wherever I want.

This is the Chandelier's view of the room.

I love my duvet cover I got a Goodwill a couple weeks ago, it does not have a tag but I am pretty sure it is the Simply Shabby Chic British rose. I really want to get matching pillow but I hear this fabric is being discontinued so I better get on it. The blue of the flowers is almost the exact same color as the blue on my walls.

I am sad summer is coming to an end. I am going to miss my Grandma's weekly  flowers she gives me out of her garden so much.

This week she brought me enough flowers to make to boutiques. I was trying to take a picture of Billie with the flowers he decided he need to smell them first.

 Levi thought that he should also be in the photo

My Mother also brings my flowers from her beautiful garden these above are from hers

That's it for now, see you next time.


  1. Such a beautiful post! Your guest bedroom is so pretty. I love that chandelier there...but if you ever find a smaller one sometime you could always move that one somewhere else. Love the picture of Bella and Lacie on the chair..so cute. Also love the picture of Billie smelling the flowers..and Levi looks so much like Fez it's weird. All the flowers look so pretty. I am going to miss them too!

  2. Your guest bedroom is absolutely beautiful!! Anyone staying there would feel loved. I'm so glad you are enjoying the flowers. Pictures of Bella, Lacie, Billie & Levi are adorable.

  3. Your guest room is so pretty! I love the blue. Billie is getting really big he is adorable.

    Amy Jo

  4. Hi Janae,
    I love your guest room! It's so beautiful & very inviting! I think the chandy works perfectly where you have it, and boy did you ever score when you found that duvet at Goodwill! Yes, that fabric has been discountinued. You can sometimes find the shams for it on Ebay, but they are rather pricey because they are very hard to find.
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful guest room with us!

  5. Sigh,sigh,sigh, Oh how I love your home Janae.Billie is the cutest,smelling the roses, and your darling doggy woggies are just lovely.
    I wish I could find a chandi that plugs in,would love one or two around the place. It looks lovely in your guest room. xx

    1. Awww Thank you!!! Here is where I bought the Chandelier http://www.wakeupfrankie.com/Products/1813/6+Light+Crystal+Chandelier

    2. I will warn you though that it is not made of real crystal. I was bummed about that when it arrived. They look like crystal but they are plastic. A couple months later I was looking at this site & was upset that everything they have is so over priced and they were increasing prices by a lot (the chandelier is not that bad priced but some of the other stuff was crazy expensive, for a teen based site) So I emailed the company asking why they are so expensive and increasing prices, just kind of to complain, not something I usually do I was just frustrated. The company wrote me back and told me it was because the stuff they sell is such better quality that's why it cost more than other places. I replied to the email and said "well that is funny because the crystal chandelier I bought from you was not crystal at all it was made of plastic, last time I checked that was not a higher quality material" LOl. They never wrote back to that email of mine, who could blame them I was a bit of a smarty pants, but they did then change the description of the chandelier to include it was made of "acrylic material" which it did not say before, than they put crystal in parenthesis as it was not before. I was glad they did that so other people would not end up disappointed as well. It still is a really beautiful chandelier in pictures I don't feel you can tell it is plastic, & you can hardly tell in person unless you touch it of course. Although the Chandelier in my bedroom is also plastic, it is larger and looks alot more real and it was 50 dollars less than this one at Home Depot, but it does not plug in to an outlet which is nice to have.

  6. The chandelier is perfect where it is, the guest room is adorable! As are the kitties and flowers


  7. Janae, I have been reading your blog for a while and I love your pretty house. I love to see all the pictures of your sweet babies. Your pictures are so good that I think you could do that for a living. I have five little rescue dogs of my own and I love them dearly. You are such a cute, sweet young lady. Joan

  8. l think the chandy is gorgeous in that spot, and how amazing to pick up an RA doona cover in the opshop...what a find...it's goes perfectly in that room. Hope you can get onto the pillowslips. Beautiful pics too..