Thursday, October 18, 2012

Halloween Masquerade Party Picture's Proof Video

I just wanted to share this video I made a week or so ago of Bella & Lacie wearing their Halloween masks and us having a photo shoot! We made this video after our picture was accused of not being the real thing, ("photo shopped") which it is the real pic so we made a proof video. It was dark when we took the original pics which made for better lighting than this video we made during the day.

Please do vote the contest is coming to an end soon!!!

You can vote everyday! Vote for as many pics as you'd like.

Thank you! Thank you!


  1. This video is really shows how well trained your dogs are for picture taking!

  2. I enjoyed that! I agree with your Mom. Your dogs are extremely well trained. I've never seen such obedient dogs. I would be curious to know what sort of camera you have. I don't like the one I have and I'm thinking of getting another one. It's too heavy for me. Yours seems light and your photos are so nice!

  3. These little darlings are very well behaved, well done for getting them to sit so pretty.

  4. I love how your pets sit for you and just "wait" for you to tell them do something! I hope you win....How's Louie? I hope he is getting better.

  5. Hi:

    I'm continue to vote for your babies. I watched the video, they are so well behaved, its amazing. Shame on anyone for thinking that you photo shopped this picture. You know what, the people that think this way are the exact people that probably would do that versus sending in a real picture. I believed you even before I saw the video, all you have to do is read your blog daily to know that you take thousands of pictures and these animals are trained at the sight of a camera. I hope you win, you deserve it. By the way, how is Louie doing?