Thursday, October 4, 2012

Halloween Masquerade Party

I had to share with you my latest entry in the PetSmart costume photo contest on Facebook. These mask are Christmas tree ornaments, that they just put out at Walmart. I had the ornament in my hand saying "I wish I was doing purple on my tree these are so cute", then my mother says "those look like they would fit your dogs". So what did I do I bought them and hot glued a elastic strap on the back, and they fit perfect! I bought the feather boa at dollar tree, and cut it in half to be Bella & Lacie's sizes. To go with the whole Masquerade theme I also put masks on two of the pumpkins. I love the butterfly mask on the big pumpkin, maybe I'll wear that one for Halloween. I took about 10 pics of Bella & Lacie in this pose & this one is my favorite, it also is the very first one I took. When my boyfriend came home from work he was laughing as I was getting the whole scene ready for their pictures, with my blanket back drops and all. He did seem very impressed with the photo thought when I was done.
I entered this picture in the category as " Healthiest Smile"
Please please please vote for us!!!
To vote you have to first like the PetSmart Facebook page, then accept the app for the "monster cute photo contest" then you can click this link to go to all my entries. You can vote for as many of them as you want, once per day! I just love getting comments on the pictures too, makes me happy! 


  1. I love this picture--I think it is so adorable. Those ornaments look lie fancy costumes on the dogs!

  2. So very adorable. I'm going to vote for you guys right now!!

  3. Your dress-up and photo of your little pups is amazing! You are sooo creative and talented!.

  4. Oh Janae . . . your pet photos are amazing! You are so talented! Have you ever thought about starting a business in pet photograpy? You would be awesome! Hugs~ Saralee

  5. so cute!!! love the color too :o)

  6. Janae:

    Went and voted on all nine of your pictures; however, the one that you did with the purple masks on Thursday is not out there yet? Did I miss something? I love your blog and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all you do with your animals. You ALWAYS put a smile on my face. I'm going to try and vote on your pets every day. Good luck!!!

    1. Awwe your so sweet, thank you so very much!!!!! Your awesome :) ... I know it is not in the Petsmart contest, I have been meaning to update this post. For some reason they keep denying the entry, I have submitted it 3 times each denied. I have read all through the rules and can not figure out why they are denying it :( I emailed the company hosting the contest twice and Petsmart too. But Noone will respond to me from either :(... The only thing I can think of is that they think it is photoshoped which is irritating since its not, I only adjusted the contrast to brighten the picture. But even then I tried submitting the original before contrast was adjusted yet it was still denied. I thought of making a "proof" video, I was going to set the scene back up and video them sitting there to show how truly easy it is to get the perfect picture of them, but I didn't since they won't even email me back..So I decided to enter this photo into the Petco contest instead ( the rules say you can not enter the same photos in both contest) I was originally only entering the Petsmart contest because they have more winners. But I guess it will be good to have an entry in the Petco contest also. I am still kind of bummed because I thought that pic would be great for the smile category, & Petco does not have categories like that. But there contest is about making a a scene to go with the costume, which they pic works good for too, I think ,& I still have lots of other entries in the Petsmart one :) Thank you so much for voting it really makes me happy:).... My little sister's hamster is also entered under my moms Facebook (because she is underage) he is Walter the Pirate you check him out he is really good. I'm so glad to hear that people like my post about my little babies <3

  7. Janae,
    Just wanted to let you know how much my daughter & I love your pet pics! We started voting for all of them cuz they are soo cute, but Bunny Fufu as the biker bunny is our fav. He just gives us the giggles!:) You are a very talented photographer. We have 2 cats & 1 dog and can't seem to catch their personalities like you do with your fur babies! Good luck with the contest and keep posting your adorable pics!