Tuesday, October 16, 2012

My Little Louie the Lion!

As I was sitting in the break room at work today I was scrolling through my Facebook news feed on my IPhone, then I see PetSmart has picked the new weeks "Pet of the week".... LOUIE WAS THE PET OF THE WEEK!!! I was oh so very very thrilled. This sort of thing really makes me happy.
As soon as I got home I showed  Louie his picture featured on the PetSmart Facebook page. I am not sure he was as excited as I was Lol.
Please please Vote!!!
You have to accept the app & like the PetSmart FB page first before you can vote. Then you can click the link above or search "Louie" to vote.
Thank you!!!!!
Once you click on his photo there is also a link under the photo that says "view all by Janae" where you can see my other entry's and vote for them also if you'd like. You can vote once per day per entry &you can vote for as many picture as you want.


  1. I am so excited that Louie is Pet of the week...that is huge! This is actually his second time being pet of the week since the kittens were Pet of the week in our local paper once too:) Of course this is a much bigger deal.

    The kids and I are voting everyday--I so hope he wins the contest. With his health issues right now you could really use that prize money! He is such a sweet boy. Love the picture of him by the computer.

  2. Congratulations on your photo getting chosen as pet of the week!! I'm not surprised...your talent in photographing pets is amazing. I can't vote because I'm not on facebook, but I would vote everyday for every one of your photos if I could.

  3. So happy that Louie won Pet of the week! Congratulations! I have sent up a prayer for him.

  4. Congratulations! Lowie was really beautiful lion. We are hoping that he regains his weight.

  5. Hi Janae
    Just wanted to let you know that my kitty was loosing weight nad yet eatting alot, turned out to be a over active thyroid. For my kitty I chose the surgery mthod, costly but worth it, been almost 3 years and doing well. Good luck and check out kitty thyroid issues on Google to learn more symptoms. Lori