Tuesday, November 27, 2012

My White Winter Wonderland

Today I just though I'd share with you some photo's of my Christmas forest.
I have been collecting white and silver pretty tree's, they make such a pretty Christmas display.
When Christmas is over they are what I hate putting away most!
I just love my crystal trees, they are so very me. I love crystals!!
This tree made of tulle is very unique and pretty.
The tree on the far right was gold, I painted it white and glittered it.
 Happy Christmas decorating!


  1. I love your forest--I really love that tulle tree. All the different trees together look perfect!

  2. Love it,so surreal Janae. I am getting so many ideas from you and your mum. xx

  3. Hi Janae,
    What a pretty and magical forest of glittering trees. I love them all!


  4. A pretty winter white wonderland! Love your trees Janae :)

  5. Your white decor is absolutely gorgeous!! I love the crystals too. Do you think we might actually get a white Christmas outside this year?

  6. I love the white and silver, so pretty. I am struck with gold for some reason this year and have been collecting things to decorate with. Maybe I can actually post some pictures. Have a very Merry Christmas.

  7. You've got quite a nice collection going there Janae! Everything looks so beautiful! (*_*)

  8. What a beautiful forest. Wouldn't you love to walk through it?