Thursday, November 15, 2012

Pink Cupcake Christmas

Tonight I decorated Bella & Lacie's bedroom for Christmas
( Bella & Lacie are my very spoiled dogs)
Bella & Lacie's bedroom theme is pink Cupcake/ Princess
Their Christmas tree was Cupcake themed to go with their bedroom
I have found most of these cute cupcake ornament at Walmart.
My Victoria Secerte Christmas hat looks adorable on the stuffed monkey.
I love all the pink Christmas goodies!
My stocking I won in Shabby Cat's & Roses giveaway is perfect in Bella & Lacie's room. I hung a B on it for Bella, the other stocking has an L on it also for Lacie.
I love the panorama setting on my IPhone 5 it takes such neat pics!
(Click the photo to see bigger)
Lacie is sad when Ginger bread cookie Woman is sad
Lacie is happy when Ginger bread cookie woman is happy!
Here pictured above is Bella & Lacie with their tree from last year, the have really upgraded this year! Haha.
If your wondering why Bella looks like a bit blue, well it is because she is Lol. She was Smurfette for Halloween and the food coloring has not all washed out of her hair yet.

I never did post about Smurfette on my blog, I should have! Here she is in her costume, she wore to the in store Petco costume contest. I colored her with food coloring. I just bathed her in blue food colored water. I did research this is totally 100 percent safe, I would never do anything to my pets that was not. The coloring is suppose to be temporary, Bella has just a hinge of blue tint to her now. she has only had two baths so far. These two picture's (above and below) were a few weeks ago when she was really blue.
My Love Bella & I
More Christmas pics are comming! I just love decoarting for Christmas so much!


  1. Oh my goodness...your cupcake decor is adorable!! Bella & Lacie are so lucky. Any little child would absolutely love this room. Again, amazing photos you are able to take of Bella & Lacie. You are gifted!!

  2. Beautiful room and beautiful tree! I now pride myself in that I can now tell Lacie and Bella apart! It just hit me this morning when I looked at her pics with the gingerbread cookie. So cute!

  3. Great compliments on your cupcake decor! Everything is gorgeous, sweet and adorable like this room.

  4. Bella and Lacie's room is so cute. Love that long picture you took with your Iphone. The picture of the ornaments looks great--you have collected so many cute ornaments. The pictures of Lacie with the gingerbread man is so cute. Probably easier to get her to do the smiling face than the unhappy face :) Their tree certainly did grow this last year!