Saturday, February 16, 2013

Living Room Furniture Mix Up And More....

I changed up my living room furniture a while ago but it was not quiet right, until now.
I needed a second Ikea Tullsta chair to complete the look.
Now I am 100 percent happy with my new layout.
I had borrowed my Mom's Ikea Tullsta chair (we each had just one)  to make sure it would look right before I went to Ikea and bought my own 2nd one yesterday.
 On the 1st my Mother and I went to the Junk Sisters Show. This little table was something I got there and it was only 25 dollars! What an amazing price. It was just what I needed right here in between the chairs.
I also got this adorable little window sign.
 Little Bentley is so cute!
You can see my new scent melter in the photo, its very pretty and I found it at a very unexpected place, at Winco (grocery store) lol.
My Little Bentley
Lacie, Bentley, & Bella
I also recently got this beautiful Crystal Chandelier from my local Homegoods for above my sink. It's the exact same one I got for the doggie bedroom, that I posted about a month or so ago. I just took off all the pink crystals and replaced them with clear ones. My Dad also put it on a dimmer for me, which I love dimmers for pretty low lighting.
Bella: "Mom, Why are you standing on the kitchen island?"
I got this cute little planter at Ikea yesterday too. For now I just put some candles in it. I am a little obsessed with Ikea candle scent Tindra.
 My whole house smells like roses. I love it!
Just had to share this cute pic of my Grandmother with my girls taken yesterday at my Mother's house.
Well I better get off the computer my fur babies want me to get back to playing some "red bug" aka laser light with them their very favorite game...
Then we need some snuggling on the sofa
Thanks so much for visiting.
See you later!


  1. Love your little chandelier in the kitchen. On the last pic, I thought Bunny Foufou was missing. I decided to enlarge the pic and then I saw him on the top of the couch. I think he is just so special! That's a pretty cute little table you bought. A good price, too.

  2. This is all really nice Janae. Your family is getting so big. LOL

  3. Your house is so pretty and your animals so cute! Love that picture of Grandma :)

  4. Oh... forgot to say--if you ever get tired of that table you got at the Junk sisters show--you know who you can give it too :) I still can't believe it was only $25 --it looks great between your chairs!

  5. Your home is beautiful!! The little table is perfect between those two chairs. All look warmly inviting. Your love of decorating makes for a really lovely home.

  6. Beauty runs in your family in all directions. Your Mom, your Grandmom and you and the fur babies. Your home is so romantic, soft and pretty.

    Love it.


  7. Ok, I must have missed one of your posts because I see you have a new puppy! He is too cute! I guess I will have to go back and see the story on him. Your house is so the new chandelier above the sink and great bargain on that little table between the chairs. ~Hugs, Patti

  8. Your house is SO pretty!!! And, WOW, do you ever have a lot of pets!

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  10. Very pretty! It had such potential to begin with, and you really brought out the best in it! Found you through Thrifty Decor Chick's link up, newest follower! :)More info

  11. I'm a new follower and I'm in love with your blog. I love the way you decorate. I recently bought a house and I'm doing it in Shabby Chic (except for my boys rooms and they dared me to even do Shabby Chic in there) but anyways just wanted to say you gave me a lot of inspiration! Thank you!

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  13. What a bargain you got with your new table. It is beautiful. I also like your scent burner. Well, as far as it goes - I love everything. Your home is so beautiful. You have alot of talent for someone so young.

  14. I haven't been over in such a long time to visit your blog...I apologize. I love the livingroom this way...the sofas on a diagonal along with those chairs look lovely! And your doggies make it all look so sweet! I got tickled reasding about you borrowing Sandt's chair, she had made a comment about probably never getting it back, lol! Everything looks so beautiful Janae...just beautiful!

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  16. That was amazing. You seem to love pets. More than yourself, you care for those cuties....

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  19. nice, I love white furnitture:) you have a good picture, thanks.

  20. You have a beautiful house! I envy you... I love all the beautiful home furniture's, they are so stunning.

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  23. I just love the candles set before the mirror and all of your sweet little fury family members!

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