Thursday, April 11, 2013

My sitting room

Another blogger recently posted a picture on FB of their new curtains.
When I saw them I had to get some too.
These new curtains being the ones with the ruffles, are apart of the Simply Shabby Chic line designed by Rachel Ashwell carried at Target
I used 3 panels of the Target curtain. The curtains that I tied were the curtains that were in the this window before. Its hard to tell in pictures with all the curtains that this is actually two tall skinny windows not one big one like it kind of looks. I used tension rods to hang aqua colored sheers in each window, they are a little more aqua color than it shows in the pictures.
My Mother is very creative and always makes everything so pretty including her Christmas gift wrapping. The ties on the curtains are actually the ties she had tied around my Christmas gifts, I saved them knowing I would find something perfect to use them for and I did. Thanks Mom!
This room is just an open room (no door) right off the entry way. We really do not use it much, its very small only 9 x 9. I live in one of those neighborhoods where there is only 4 different houses just produced over and over again (24 houses in my community total) and I know a lot of my neighbors use this room as their office, but I just wanted it to be pretty since its the first thing you see. It's a nice place to just sit and relax maybe read a magazine, all the animals spend a lot of time sitting in those windows since the windows start less than a foot from the ground, checking out what all the neighbors are doing, my fur kids are nosey lol!
"Mom, why are you taking pictures of the house and not of us!?!"
My Mother got me this crystal candle chandelier this past Christmas, I had not hung it up yet until today because I had not decided on the perfect place for it, then today it came to me to hang up a chandelier over my pub table, its the perfect size for it and I don't know why I didn't think of it some time ago.
It's hard to see the chandelier with all the mirror in the pictures in person it really stands out.
The crystal candle chandelier is gorgeous I love it.
My fur-kids
Bella, Bentley, & Lacie
I would like to take a second to thank all the people who left me such sweet comments on my blog over the course of the past 2+ years. Reading your kind comments really make me very happy.
Someone was recently very rude to me on my blog, started with saying I can't call myself a homeowner because I have a mortgage, and "anyone" can get a mortgage which is the craziest thing I have ever heard, people with mortgage's are homeowners, duh lol!  Being a homeowner starting at the age of 21 is something I may have mentioned several times on my blog, but it's because it is something I worked hard for and am proud of myself for. For someone to say I am not a Homeowner because my house is financed, really caught me off guard and I took that as offensive. They continued by saying other crude things about my pets and myself.  My blog is in no way a professional blog, I don't make money off of it , it just my fun way of sharing my everyday life in many different aspects of it not just decorating, and my pets are a very big part of my life, they are my fur-kids! I am in no way upset by this person, they seemed pretty ridiculous to me. But this really did make me realize how lucky I am to have so many nice followers that always leave me such sweet comments all the time, both here & on and my blogs Facebook page, thank you guys, I really appreciate it, you have really enhanced my life.
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
See you next time :)


  1. Janae. I love your sitting area and the crystal candle chandy that your mom bought's perfect for you!! Don't be upset by what someone said. I can't believe anyone in blog land would be so rude! Sounds to me as if they were jealous. Girl you should be very proud of yourself to have bought a home at 21. That shows both maturity and intelligence!!! Not to mention that you have made it so pretty besides!!! Hold that head up high young lady. I was 42 before I bought my own home.

  2. Forgot to say that I am totally in love with all the mirrors!!!!

  3. Janae', your sitting room with the beautiful curtains and chandy is is your whole home. I"m so proud of you and all you do. I believe when people make negative comments it is because they don't feel good about themselves. There is much reason to admire & respect you!!

  4. Your blog is as lovely as you are! Critical people exist everywhere & you know what they say, "Hurting people hurt others!" Pay them no mind and what you've accomplished is something to be proud of.
    You're curtains & chandler and are beautiful & I love you're little bunny Fufu (not pictured?) Have a great weekend! Blessings...

  5. Hello Sweetie,
    I love your pretty curtains, they are just perfect for an already lovely, dreamy room. Love that pretty chandelier too. You have made your home so gorgeous and it really reflects you. Love the fur babies too.

    Try not to worry too much about those that leave negative comments. That person obviously has problems with themselves and they are very unhappy. I know it's upsetting but none of what they said is true.


  6. Hi Janae,
    Your new curtains & chandy look fabulous! Love your furbabies too! Your home is really pretty! If it is the same person, they have been writing this ridiculous message about "people with mortgages are not homeowners" on several blogs. I just read this on another fb page! She wrote about this too! This person obviously has nothing better to do with there time. So don't let it get to you. Your home is beautiful!

  7. Hi Janae :) What a beautiful post. Your sitting room is just stunning. I am so in love with those curtains! I really thought it was one big window! And the candolier from your mom is so pretty. You have such a talent for decorating. I love the wall going up your stairs. Everything looks just perfect. I am so sorry for what the rude commenter said on your blog. It makes me so mad when people leave those comments. And I bet it was an anonymous commenter too! I have had sooo many of them on my blog over the years. I even had someone tell me I needed a nose job! Why do they even read our blogs if they feel this way? You are indeed a homeowner! You work very hard and are a wonderful mommy to your fur kids. I am just amazed that you own this beautiful home at your age! I personally feel that person is jealous of you and how well you have done for yourself. I think it is wonderful and I love your blog :)
    Wishing you and all of your precious cuties a wonderful weekend.
    Hugs to you all,

  8. Your curtains are very nice and they are so you. You have such a lovely style. That chandelier is gorgeous and I love that little corner near the stairs where you have the little table and chairs. Your little pets as usual look so happy and this is because they have been blessed with a loving, responsible owner, you, dear, sweet girl!

    As for that person, please let that be water under the bridge. People like that are not happy. They entertain in their souls the seeds of envy and jealousy! They are bitter people and for some reason or other, they are people who are hurting and they need to lash out at someone because they need to hurt as much as they, themselves, are hurting. This person needs to be prayed over and counseled.

    Of course, you're a home owner. The majority of people who buy houses have a mortgage on them. How else can one buy one. You are a very responsible person and I was very impressed by you when I first noticed your blog through your Mom and I saw that you were a home owner at such an early age. To be so young and so motivated and so responsible! It's admirable! Go on being happy and making your little pet's lives happy as only you know how. I think you are such an original!

  9. Love your pictures of your home and fur babies. It't always a pleasure to visit with you. Patty/BC

  10. Some people are so miserable they have to take it out on others.... I would try to ignore such comments. I love your new curtains. Beautiful!

    Amy Jo

  11. Whoever wrote that to you is just jealous of your beautiful home, darling fur babies and wonderful boyfriend. So just feel sorry for them!

    I love your blog. When I come here I feel like I go on a mini vacation. Everything is so pretty. I always leave feeling a bit happier.

    I'm very proud of all you have done and owning a home at such an early age. But, you work hard to get everything. You have a special eye and are blessed to have your mom help you too. So be thankful and keep doing what makes you and your house happy!

  12. Janae, I wouldn't worry about this person. She is what we call a troll. Someone who is not happy about her own life so she try's to make everyone else unhappy.
    I enjoy your blog very much. You should feel proud of what you have accomplished at such a young age. I tell my husband that I wish we had started much earlier on buying a house. You are doing very smart thing.
    I am so in love with your home. WOW!! What a great sitting room. Love the mirrors.
    Can't wait to see what you put up next on your blog.

  13. Hi Janae,
    You are one of my favourite bloggers - I was so impressed when I first visited your blog that you are a homeowner - way to go! I love your fur babies and that you share them with us. Take heart - there's a lot more nice people in the world than there are nasties!
    Peggy @ The Painted Pear

  14. You have a lovely home and blog. The chandie that your mother bought you for a Christmas gift caught my eye as my daughter bought me the same exact one and I love it and have it hanging in my living room. I do my blog too for the fun of it. My daughter thought it would be nice to share my treasures I've accumulated and put the blog up for me. take care, Darlene

  15. Stunning post as always Janae...those curtains are fabulous, your sitting room is gorgeous, your pets are adorable and you are a great HOMEOWNER! (*_*) xoxoxo

  16. As always your post brought cheer to my day! Your curtains are lovely, I love what they do to the light in that room! I would be in your sitting room as often as I could get away with it!
    Sometime people say mean things to try and get a response from you. There are whole sites on the web for bashing people's websites. Seriously...? I can't imagine wasting my time on such things, but often unhappy people say hurtful things to and about others in an attempt to feel better about themselves, it is sad and perverse, and will never bring them any relief from their own torment. I am glad that you are taking the high road and staying positive and not taking the bait to say ugly things back. Enjoy your life, your family (furry and otherwise:)) and keep blogging for the joy of it! I hope your day is blessed! elle

  17. Janae, your blog is one of my favorite blogs. I've gotten several great ideas from you for my own home. I was thoroughly impressed when I read that you are a homeowner at such a young age. Don't even give negative commenters a second thought, they aren't worth it. People can say such hurtful things when they envious. Your house is gorgeous and your pets are adorable!

  18. Hard to think that people are so dumb!! I guess I am not a home owner since we have a mortgage too,lol!!! Your house is lovely and you should be proud that you have accomplished what many people haven't at such a young age!! Also ,your style is awsome!!! Love it,and your fur babies!!! So cute!! Blessings,Sara

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  20. Hello, Janae! How I love your design! The beauty of white color is intensified by the daylight passing through the window. And that's the benefit of having windows at home; you are assured you wouldn't be living in darkness.
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