Monday, September 9, 2013

My Most Popular Pictures From Pinterest.

Fellow blogger's, did you know you can see what pictures from your own blog are getting pinned?
It has always been interesting to me to see what pictures of mine people pin.
If you have not looked at this before this is how you do it....
Type in  ---> than your blog address here <----
My bedroom is always a popular room in my house to get pinned.

My most popular project on Pinterest is always my "fake a window".
It really is a very simple project to put together, but it also one of my favorites.
The other project that seems to be popular on Pinterest also in my master bathroom, is my frame on mirror project, which again is super easy. The only hard part was finding two vintage mirrors that were the same, but if you only have one sink it would be really easy to find one that would work.
This photo has 48 repins
This mirror project has also been pinned multiple times.
Another rather simple project.
The pic above has 130 repins
My mirror wall also gets pinned often.
Now this project was not a simple one but I am very happy with the way it turned out. It took a lot of thrift shopping to find all these mirrors and a lot of painting.
It still is a huge project when I clean them every months or so, but it's worth it. My upstairs hall way has no windows it just a hallway of lots of doors, and this really brings a lot of light upstairs.
It takes several pic to show the whole mirror wall because it is so big.
If your a blogger and you have not checked out Pinterest to see what projects of yours have been pinned, do check it out. It makes me smile I am sure it will for you too.
Another thing that definitely makes me feel great about myself is when I am scrolling down my Facebook feed ( I am on Facebook a lot) and I see a picture some decorating page posted of my own house or a picture of my pets an pet loving Facebook page posted with lots of "likes" that always makes my day. I so enjoy all the nice comments people leave. 
Several weeks ago a shabby chic decorating Facebook page posted a picture of my living room, and someone commented and said something like "well that house must be a pet free home" which made me literally laugh out loud, since it is so very the opposite.
This photo was taken today.
My little Leo is growing so fast.
Thanks for visiting my blog!


  1. I love looking at what gets pinned on my blog too. I also find a lot of the traffic I get on my blog is from Pinterest. Love all these beautiful photos of your home. It is so funny people always think your home must be pet free--lol! Love the new picture of all the "kids" --Leo looks so big in that photo!

  2. I love seeing your rooms and know them as soon as I see them! So much talent and a home full of love for sure!

  3. la tua casa è bellissima!I tuoi pelosi carinissimi!Lo sguardo del tuo Leo dolcissimo!Un amore di gatto!Rosetta

  4. WOW...I am amazed at your beautiful home!! Didn't know when you were helping Grampa build your playhouse so many years ago that you would be such a talented & creative home decorator. That's a darling photo of your fur babies...Leo has grown so much I hardly recognized him.

  5. Your home is fantastic, it' s a shabby dream!

  6. Ммм.. сколько нежности!!! ) Какая прелесть!!!!!!!!! Очень нравится!!! :)

  7. Everyone loves your style and décor! I'm not surprised at all you have so many pins and fans- CONGRATS!

  8. I can see why you have been pinned so much, your home is stunning!! The bedding, dreamy... Love the bathroom mirrors. The hall of mirrors, is stunning, I have thought about doing something like this in mine, I really love the full length mirror on the landing! I have seen all your fur babies on your Moms blog, each one is so darling, and I am always amazed at the way you can take such lovely group shots!! You must do this professionally or you should be, a true gift, I know because I have five dogs and they never look lovely all at once, haha!!

  9. Gorgeous and so very sweet and cozy! I adore it all. :D

  10. So much eye candy I understand why you are pinned so much! All your mirrors are fabulous! What a collection and it must make beautiful light.
    From your bedroom to your dining room it is all romantic and gorgeous! You have an amazing all those sweet fur babies, too!
    ♥ Jil

  11. Janae- your home is just sumptuous! I love looking at your pics over and over.
    Your dedication to your family and surroundings shows.
    I am amazed at your family pics- they are always looking at you with admiration!
    So sweet!

  12. Belated Happy Birthday

    I just read your mother's story at Junk Chic Cottage and came on over to your blog. I know I have seen some of your home photos on Pinterest. What a fun idea for a blog post. I am surprised how many times my dining room has been pinned.

  13. Your home is beautiful! Loved seeing your decorating ideas. I am amazed that you were able to get your fur babies to all sit still for their picture on the white sofa. I have a little black Pomeranian. Pomeranians have such cute smiley faces!
    I just signed up to follow you (and your Poms) with Google Friend Connect.

  14. Oh I'd love to give all of you a big hug. What a lovely family. Thay are so fluffy.
    I'm glad to pay a visit here. :)
    Hugs from UK

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