Sunday, September 8, 2013

Doggie Summer Fun!

I have been so behind on posting on my blog lately. I really need to get back to it!
Someday I plan to print out my blog into a book, my Mother has done this before with her blog it is really neat.
So I want to make sure I post about all kinds of fun things as well as projects happening in my life, so someday I can look back on my blog book like you would an old diary.

Today my blog post is going to be just about my fur-babies.
I have lots of cute pictures I have not posted yet taken at many different dog fun events I attended this summer. So I am going to do 6 blog post in one and all of them are about my pups, yes my life pretty much is centered around my fur kids!

-Dogs On Parade
 -Paws In The Grove
-Dog Sitting
-4th Of July
-Beach Trip 2013
-Doggie Paddle
This event was hosted on July 23rd at our Local Tuesday market.
It was a fundraising event for or Local no kill small animal shelter Bonnie Hays.
My Mom, Brother, Sister, Aunt, Grandma & her pup Annie, all attended this event with me & my 3 pups.
It was so fun they had a dog parade, along with a contest.
The Categories for the contest were:
-Smallest Dog
-Largest Dog
-Best Dressed
-Owner Dog look alike
-Best Trick
Lacie & I were going for owner dog look alike with our matching Dresses and hair bows!
My Mother was so kind to sew Lacie a dress to match mine for this event. I bought two of the same dress at Burlington on clearance for 10 dollars each. Then my Mom cut up the 2nd one for fabric to make the matching dress for Lacie. As well as my Little sister Chantel made us matching hair bows!
We ending up entering the wrong category because it was so hard to hear and won 2nd place in smallest dog category instead! Lol.
My Mom surprised me at the event and even made Bella & Bentley matching bandannas so we could all we match. She put Lace on Bella bandanna to make it a little more feminine then Bentley's. The reason I did not ask her to make Bella a dress too is because Bella does not like to wear clothes, unlike Lacie who loves the attention she gets when she looks all cute in a little dress. Bella will tolerate them for my photo shoots but generally she is not clothed unlike Lacie who is always clothes when weather is cool enough. Bella will tolerate the bandannas just fine though.
Here is my Grandma and her dog Annie.
Grandma was planning to enter Annie in the best dressed category but entered in smallest dog the same as me because we were confused when to go up. They just announced "All small dogs come up" and didn't say they were doing the contest yet or anything so we went up lol. Annie got 3rd in smallest dog. It was cool we both placed in the contest because there was at least 20 dogs that entered in that category.
  It was such a fun event so glad we attended!
next event......
A couple weeks later we attended this event which was another fundraiser this one being for our Local senior center.
At this event they had first a 1 mile dog walk. They had live music, lots of pet booths, I was really surprised how many vendors there was. This event also had a contest as well. They even had a pet fashion show.
All the same people of our group again attended this event as well as my Brother Gage.
Here is Lacie is saying Hello to Gage,
Lacie & I again wore our matching dresses. My sister Chantel dressed to Match Bella & Bentley, the 3 of them all wearing black and white polka dots.
This event again had a contest. Chantel entered my dogs Bella & Bentley in Best dressed
Grandma also entered her sweet little Annie in the best dressed category in a dress she borrowed from my Lacie.
None of our group won best dressed (they only did 1st place in each category at this contest). The dog that won though was really cute with hat, dress, and glasses.
Since there was no owner dog look alike category in this contest I entered Lacie in best smile.
SHE WON 1st place! She had a lot of competition too I was surprised how many entered this category.
I love these 3 soooooo much.
One of the vendors "Wild Child Pet Fashions" Whom I have become friends with from seeing her at all the dog events in the area had a dog fashion show.
Here are the stylish outfits wild child pet fashions made that Bella & Lacie wore in her fashion show.
I ended up buying Lacie the outfit she modeled.
Bentley was in the fashion show too this is what he wore! I couldn't believe he actually kept the little hat on Lol.
Annie wore this dress in the fashion show.
Grandma also ended up purchasing this dress for Annie it looks so cute on her!
Puppy Sitting
During this summer I puppy-sat for 3.5 weeks for Sadie & Foxy who are my Boyfriends Dad & Wife's dogs, while they were on vacation.
They are such sweet dogs, there were a joy to have.
Sidney was jealous because on Movie night all the dogs sat with me on my sofa, I felt very loved.

We had a real big pack on our usual dog walks with my dogs and my families dogs.
They all took a bath together and were all very well behaved. 
Sidney took this picture one night of Sadie & Foxy sleeping cuddled up by me.
I take my dogs over to my Parents house often, so when I took mine plus Sadie & Foxy then with my parents 3 dogs. We made their backyard look like a dog park. Lol!

 Sadie & Foxy were here with us during Lacie's birthday, she they got to experience one of our doggie parties!
Some of the days this summer got pretty hot. We don't have central air, as most people in Oregon do not either because it does not get that hot that often. The day this photo was taken it was almost 100 degrees! All the animals hung out in my room because that's the room I have the portable air conditioner set up in, we all cuddled in the bed and watched movies.
4th of July
I was watching Sadie & Foxy during 4th of July. My parents had a family barbeque and we have a total of 9 dogs there! My uncles dog Brooklyn the Bulldog was at the barbeque as well.
Bentley & I had had matching 4th of July shirts I got at Old Navy
Here is the pic from our 4th of July photo shoot which will be the July photo in the calendar I am making.
Beach Trip 2013
In late July My Brother, Sister, Mother & I along with my 3 poms went to the beach.

We all had so much. I really don't know why we don't go more often.
The dogs had so much fun digging in the sand!
It was a lot of fun!
Mom taking a self-ie
Wyatt got soaked!
The dogs loved walking on the beach.
Yes I sure do!
I love this picture my Mom took of me and my babies.
I was so happy I got the perfect picture of my fur-babies on the beach for the calendar pic for August.
This past weekend I took the dogs to the "doggie paddle", put on at the Beaverton swim center another fundraiser for the Bonnie Hay animal shelter. The pool is being closed for several months for a remodel but right before they closed they decided to have a dog swim!
The dogs were a little nervous about swimming and I was too that's why I had them wear life jackets hehe.
They didn't swim to much but they posed for lots of pictures! I think they would have really enjoyed it if they had a swim were the owners could get in the water too.
I found this picture of Bella online one of the photographers at the event, took this picture of her
here is the article.

This adorable picture at PetSmart was the night before the swim. We were shopping for two more life jackets since we only had the one yellow one, that I got at Goodwill awhile back. I was so thrilled to get the life jackets on clearance for only 5 dollars each!
My Pups & I had lots of fun this summer hope you enjoyed the pics!
Just wanted to end my post with this sweet picture of me and all the fur-kids.
My Sister Chantel took this picture she did so awesome at getting all the babies to look. She only took 12 pics and this was the 1st one! You may notice I changed my header to this picture as well. I love it.
Thanks for visiting!


  1. Such a great post--our summer really has revolved around the dogs! Good memories :)

  2. Immagini bellissime, i tuoi amici pelosi sono invidiabili!!!

  3. Enjoyed this great post so much...brought back many happy memories. Glad you will be making both a book and a calendar. Your fur babies are so lucky to have you.

  4. OH MY GOODNESS.... I am just giggling and smiling. You are all so adorable. I LOVE POMS too!!! I love all your pets. Thanks for sharing all these darling pictures Sweetie. You are just too cute!

  5. You and your Mom are my VERY VERY fave blogs and love your posts !!! What an amazing and awesome family! If our little sweet terrior was at your house for a play-date .. we would be afraid he wouldn't want to come home! All the fur-babies to play with !! HUGS to all of you !! oxox

  6. Your pet pics always make me smile and I'm always amazed at how well behaved they all are. I wish I could get my kitties and my puppy to pose like this!